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With an eye to the future, Prince Resorts Hawaii continues to invest in our community’s youth, offering expanded mentorship opportunities and alternative pathways for gaining hands-on experience and a true understanding of the hospitality industry.
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Headshot Prince Waikiki Shigeki YamaneQ&A with Shigeki Yamane
President, Prince Resorts Hawaii



What are some of your company’s most important/interesting projects and plans for 2023?

We believe our people are the key to our success. In 2022, we identified leaders across all of our operations and commenced a series of summits to harness their skills and talents while identifying innovative strategies for success. 2023 promises to be very exciting as we begin to put these collaborative ideas to work creating experiences for our guests and sustainable solutions for our communities. Striving to provide the best service in hospitality, we are continuing to find new ways to empower our frontline staff, enabling them to provide solutions to the hospitality challenges we face.

Inter-hotel collaborative “work groups” and a newly expanded mentorship program promises to support and encourage our team to be even more effective in the new year.

With an eye to the future, we will continue to invest in our community’s youth with expanded mentorship opportunities and alternative pathways for gaining hands-on experience and a true understanding of our hospitality industry.


What is the most important trend impacting your industry?

Regenerative tourism is an important trend in Hawai‘i, and at its core involves counterbalancing the social, economic and environmental impacts of tourism by encouraging and educating the industry, as well as visitors, to go beyond being sustainable and leaving a place better than when it’s found. To our Prince Resorts Hawaii team, this is not so much a trend as it is and has always been a part of our core values. 

The challenge is to translate that into enhanced experiences for our guests. Currently, our guests (and staff) are encouraged through incentives to participate with multiple community projects, offered opportunities to support sustainable initiatives, and given a chance to learn more about Hawai‘i’s culture with promotions at cultural and arts institutions, such as Bishop Museum and Honolulu Museum of Art. In the upcoming year, we’ll continue with these efforts and plan to debut other regenerative experiences. 


What is your company’s biggest challenge in the coming year?

We’re still dealing with the aftereffects of the COVID pandemic: staffing and worldwide supply chain shortages. The travel industry has yet to recover completely; international, business and convention/group travel have yet to completely return. Our three hotels – Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort and Prince Waikiki – are each unique, so each one is recovering on its own timeline and with its own challenges. Unable to control world events, our challenge is to successfully navigate those hurdles with the experience, flexibility, and creativity of our team.


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