Pusong Filipinx Showcases Millennial Entrepreneurs and Creatives

The roving market introduces Filipino-inspired products and food to a wider audience. Check out the next Bishop Museum event in April.
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Photo by: Jen May Pastores

Lalaine Ignao and Eric Ganding wear traditional clothing at Pusong Filipinx’s Dec. 12 market at the Bishop Museum. The event gathered 33 vendors selling clothing, art, food – any type of Filipino-inspired product.

While the idea sprang from markets in the Philippines, on a deeper level it’s designed to lift pride and visibility.

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Photo by: Jen May Pastores

“I moved here from Washington to be part of the Filipino community and was caught off guard that (many) people were not that proud. … I want this market to give them the incentive to learn more about who they are,” says founder Ignao.

Ganding, who owns a streetwear company called Breakthrough, grew up on O‘ahu and echoes her assessment, saying “a lot of us are still hidden. We wanted to create a platform for younger generations to showcase their creativity and passions.”

Pusong Filipinx, or “heart of Filipino,” will celebrate its third anniversary in April with another Bishop Museum event.


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Photo by: Jen May Pastores



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