My Favorite Things

For Kitty Lagareta, president and CEO of Communications Pacific, many of her passions revolve around Kailua, where she’s lived for 18 years.

“I have an absolute passion/addiction for the Lanikai Juice acai extravaganza bowl,” she says.

Lagareta can often be found at Kalapawai Café with her nose buried in her Kindle. “I remember the days when I went on a trip for a week or so. I usually would take 10 books … and had to carry a separate little suitcase. Now, I just stick my Kindle in my purse.”

When you live close to Kailua Beach, dogs are a natural favorite. “I just adore my two Airedales, Helen and Sera. After your children grow up, they just become like your kids.”

One of her passions outside of Kailua is Sapp Fitness. “Mike Sapp and his team have gotten me to be a regular at the gym, four days a week. I feel better in my 50s than I ever felt in my 40s.”

She helped found Ronald McDonald House and is still moved whenever she sees its van. “I say to myself, ‘Wow! A group of us made that happen 25 years ago.’ And I always get a kind of heart pull.”

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