Popcorn, Broccoli, Durian? PHEW!

Tropical fruit - Durian isolated on white background

Of course, you’re not supposed to eat lunch at your desk, but sometimes there’s no choice. You can’t risk missing that critical telephone call or a meeting that might be called at any moment. So, thinking ahead, you brought something from home to fire up in the office microwave.

But think clearly. Like it or not, that microwaved food will be shared, at least vicariously, with everyone else in the office.

Popcorn, unless the microwave is isolated in a sterile chamber worthy of NASA, is a no-no. No matter how good it might taste, there is nothing more obnoxious than the odor of slightly burned popcorn wafting through the ventilating system.

The same goes for Brussels sprouts or broccoli. Good for you, not so good when cooked on high in a shared space. Cheese and fish dishes might also fit in this category.

Of course, there are many local favorites on the no-go list, such as kim chee and anything with anchovies. And, if you are a fan of Southeast Asian food, please, please, forget the durian.

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