Real Estate and Architecture Focused Media Under One Hat

ARED Content Solutions exists to service the photo and video needs of Hawai‘i’s architects, real estate professionals and interior designers.

The multimedia company develops creative ways to showcase the homes and commercial spaces of Hawai‘i. ARED is a fresh name in Honolulu, founded in 2021 by Jeff Hawe, a photographer and journalist with two decades of experience.

“I began learning about architecture photography when I was studying at university and assisting photographers,” says Hawe. “We were shooting on medium and large format film cameras and the painstaking attention to detail it required was incredible. Everything had to be meticulously set before a shot was ready, no shooting and adjusting as you go.”

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Photo: courtesy of ARED

These formative years stuck with Hawe as he continued to photograph architecture and real estate on the side while shooting extreme sports and adventure travel primarily for a decade. He says he never lost the curiosity and inspiration derived from the lines and angles, textures and shapes of thoughtful design.

The inception of ARED came from a desire to intersect communication and marketing needs with inspiringly beautiful blends of photography and video.

“We don’t just want to document a project, we want to understand its heartbeat, what makes it special, and translate that insight into something an audience will find interesting. An ARED creative plan is born out of that,” Hawe says. “I ask myself how do we create something that accomplishes the project goals and goes beyond to strengthen your brand and cause people to take notice.”

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Photo: courtesy of ARED

When asked what drives the ARED approach, Hawe says “quality, a can-do mindset, easy to work with, commitment to get the job done and reliability all factor into our service. We aim to deliver what our clients need, on time and make it all easy on them.”

Honolulu based ARED Content Solutions is available for bookings. They are a young company looking to build lasting relationships of value and integrity. “Give us a call and let’s talk, we want to get to know you. And we will ask questions to learn what solutions could help your business,” Hawe says.


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