Stay Healthy and in Touch at Lunch

Need another reason not to eat lunch at your desk? Here’s one: According to researchers at the University of Arizona, the average office desk has 100 times more bacteria on it than the average kitchen table.

Here’s another reason: A British study found more bacteria on the keyboards in the office of a consumer advocacy group than were found on the office toilet. Makes sense, since toilets are cleaned regularly, keyboards rarely.

So, for the sake of your health, you should shut off the computer, get out of the office and

take a brisk walk at lunchtime. Even if you bring your food from home,
it makes sense to eat it somewhere other than where you spend the rest of your working day.

There is another alternative that makes good business sense as well as good health sense. Find out where other folks in the office tend to gather for their lunches and join them. It might be a conference room, a bench in the park or even the rooftop break area.

Some of the best interaction and ideas come when folks are socializing, relaxing and “breaking bread.” Let the conversation and laughs flow. It might be the most productive hour of your day.

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