September, 2017

The Careerist: You’ll Live, Despite No-Phone Meeting

Helping you navigate the turbulent waters of Hawaii's working world

 Q: I run weekly team meetings with our field staff so we can stay abreast of everyone’s projects, deadlines and possible crossovers. It’s one hour, and I try to run a tight agenda that covers all the ground without bogging down. My problem? Everyone brings their phones! Folks are constantly texting, stepping out to take Read the full article…

September, 2017

Giving an arm and a Leg

START: Randall Pang was born in San Jose, California, but moved to Kaneohe with his family when he was 8. While at Mid-Pacific Institute’s high school, he began working as an orthotic technician for his aunt and uncle, who owned Honolulu Orthopedic Supply. “I enjoyed working with my hands and became interested in prosthetics while Read the full article…

September, 2017

8 Fat Fat 8

What if drinking beer and eating fried chicken could bring you good luck?

When Sai Yeung opened his bar and grill over 30 years ago, he wanted a lucky name. His choice was 8 Fat Fat 8 and the lucky name seems to have worked, as the restaurant has been in the same building ever since. You’ve surely noticed it as you’ve driven by on South Beretania Street: Read the full article…

September, 2017

Show Me the Money

12 of these sports stars with Hawaii ties will each make more than $1 million this year

In professional sports, landing top-dollar contracts is as competitive as the action on the field. In the National Football League, for example, player compensation is restricted by a salary cap – $167 million per team in 2017, according to league officials. With the average NFL career lasting 3.3 seasons, it’s no wonder players fight for Read the full article…

September, 2017

We can do it!

Young women from the latest generation of business majors want to be executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and moms, too

They may be young, but the women graduating from business schools these days already know what they want and they’re shooting for the stars.   They’re passionate, assertive, organized, ambitious, altruistic and well-trained – often with many sets of business skills. They can manage, analyze, work with complex data, design public relations campaigns and schmooze Read the full article…

September, 2017

Higher Education

Architects are planning Hawaii’s first vertical school, which might be as tall as 10 stories, in the middle of Kakaako

Architects are currently dreaming up designs for the tower of classrooms that will become Hawaii’s first vertical school. It will occupy part of a 10-story, 2.5-acre development on Pohukaina Street that will include stores and mixed-income rental apartments. It will be unlike all the other Hawaii schools that are sprawling one- and two-story buildings usually Read the full article…