Pro bono projects that Architects Hawaii has worked on includes, left, the Blood Bank of Hawaii’s Young Street donor center, the Hawaii Nature Center’s Rain Pavilion in Makiki,  and the Salvation Army’s Family Treatment Center in Manoa.
Photos:  Courtesy Architects Hawaii
November, 2014

Pro Bono Architects Help Nonprofits Thrive

Palama Settlement has served low-income and immigrant families in Kalihi and Palama for more than a century, but the facilities have deteriorated over the years and some can no longer be used. “We’re land rich but asset poor,” says Wendy Abe, the nonprofit’s CEO. “Anyone can tell immediately that our buildings are very, very old. Read the full article…

Big Island Candies - fine gifts from the Big Island of Hawaii since 1977.
November, 2014

Sweet Success

From maile picker to cookie and chocolate CEO, Big Island Candies founder Allan Ikawa's career path was anything but typical

  • Allan at Big Island Candies' First Location
  • Staff Dipping Chocolate at the Original BIC Location
  • Big Island Candies' First Retail Storefront Office
  • BIC's First Chocolate Melter
  • New Kalanianaole Location
  • BIC Original Macadamia Crunch Packaging
  • 90s Storefront, won 1994 Retailer of the Year
  • Flagship Factory and Retail Hilo Headquarters
  • Chocolate Waves on the Biscotti
  • Updated Big Island Candies Gold Box
  • Chocolate Mac Nuts Being Made
Allan at Big Island Candies' First Location1 Staff Dipping Chocolate at the Original BIC Location2 Big Island Candies' First Retail Storefront Office3 BIC's First Chocolate Melter4 New Kalanianaole Location5 BIC Original Macadamia Crunch Packaging6 90s Storefront, won 1994 Retailer of the Year7 Flagship Factory and Retail Hilo Headquarters8 Chocolate Waves on the Biscotti9 Updated Big Island Candies Gold Box10 Chocolate Mac Nuts Being Made11




Big Island Candies’ flagship store is located at 585 Hinano St., Hilo. You can also visit its gift shop at Ala Moana Center. Call 1-800-935-5510 within the US and Canada or 1-808-935-8890 outside the U.S. Or shop 24 hours a day at bigislandcandies.com.


Allan Ikawa runs a globally-recognized company with 100 full-time employees. But spend just half-an-hour chatting with the CEO and founder of Big Island Candies and one thing is clear–He’s still just a Hilo boy. “We go home and everybody knows everybody here. So if you get too big for your britches, they’re going to hammer Read the full article…

Photo: David Croxford
November, 2014

Talk Story with Cindy Adams

President and CEO, Aloha United Way Adams joined AUW in September from the tech world, including stints in the Bay Area, New York, Boston and New Jersey. Most recently, she was a VP at CBI Polymers, a Hawaii company she helped move to Dallas. She was also the founding director of the Hawaii Meth Project. Read the full article…


Photo:  David Croxford
November, 2014

Ask the Expert: Effective Operating Agreements

Christian P. Porter, Partner Porter McGuire Kiakona & Chow, LLP www.hawaiilegal.com Question: We are forming a limited liability company with multiple owners. Does our LLC need an operating agreement and, if so, what makes one effective? Answer: Yes, you should have one. An operating agreement, which defines an LLC’s operations and its members’ rights and Read the full article…

Dustin Metzler runs with Koa, left, and Lilo.
Photo:  Courtesy Angela Nelson Photography
November, 2014

His Business is Ruff

PoochFit founder gets paid to run with dogs When Dustin Metzler shows up for a client meeting, it’s pandemonium – the clients are jumping with excitement, crowding each other to get close to him, even licking his knees. It’s all in a day’s work for the founder of PoochFit, a dog-running business on Maui that Read the full article…

14 Nov General Sun Design Thinking THIN
November, 2014

A New Way of Thinking

Start by listening and learning for a lot longer than you usually do

Five years ago, Honolulu consultant and social-media expert L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine was talking with Ian Kitajima, corporate development director of the Honolulu R&D firm Oceanit, when he told her about a new idea called “Design thinking.” Developed at the Institute of Design at Stanford University, the term describes a methodology for arriving at creative solutions Read the full article…