February, 2017

5 Steps to Protect Your Personal Brand

You may think primarily of your company’s brand, but, if you are online, you also have a personal brand. Monchalee Steiger, marketing manager of The Queen’s Health Systems, offers these steps for professionals who want to protect their personal brand. 1. OWN YOUR NAME “Owning” your name or handle across your digital accounts helps establish Read the full article…

February, 2017

Myth and Reality

Some may think we are in a golden age of Hawaii startups, but the numbers suggest those glory days were decades ago.

Entrepreneurism is hip and it seems that everyone has a plan for their own business. It also appears that, more than ever, there are resources to support startups, both locally and nationally, including accelerators, college courses, government programs and more. The reality over the past three decades is less bright, according to the Ewing Marion Read the full article…

February, 2017

You Will Be Hacked

Plus 7 Simple Steps to Stay Safe in Cyberspace

It could have already happened and you just don’t know it. Either way, it will happen to you, no matter how big or small your organization is. Here are five ways the cyber war is being fought in Hawaii, and what’s being done to reduce the risk and recover more quickly after a breach. 1. Read the full article…

February, 2017

Local Couple Creates Teas From Own Recipes

ORIGIN: Married couple Bella Hughes and Harrison Rice have been tea drinkers since college. “My first present to him nine years ago was a very fancy loose-leaf tea,” Hughes says. Hughes, born and raised in Hawaii, knew the benefits of the mamaki plant, which is endemic to the Islands, and the couple began making their Read the full article…

February, 2017

His Formula for Success: Fail, Fail, Fail, Prevail

Tenacious student entrepreneur wins local competition and heads to national contest.

Kalin Uluave didn’t let business failures stop him. Good thing, because the fourth succeeded, and the fifth and sixth are on track, too, with a seventh on the way. Uluave, a business-management major at BYU-Hawaii, topped three other contestants to win the regional qualifier of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in January, hosted by the Read the full article…