July, 2017

Manage to the Max

My last column explained why small businesses are so crucial to Hawaii and that they must be nurtured for the overall economy to grow. This column offers a simple but effective strategy to manage your business to maximum capacity. First, you must appreciate that to improve, you need to have a benchmark to measure performance. Read the full article…

July, 2017

A Solution to Homelessness: Build a Village

A small peninsula wedged between Sand Island and Keehi Lagoon Park doesn’t look like much. The mauka section is mostly dirt and gravel, and nondescript trees and shrubs cover the makai area. But by the end of this year, it will be the home for previously homeless families. The plan is to build a village Read the full article…

July, 2017

Ask the Expert: Health Insurance for Employees

Q: I’m thinking about cutting my employees’ health benefits to save money. What potential downsides should I consider? A: There’s no doubt healthcare costs are a concern for employers and employees alike. However, investing in the health of your workers has a greater impact on your business than you may realize. Here are a few Read the full article…

July, 2017

Marketing Hawaii 3.0

The old ways of marketing Hawaii just don’t work with Millennials. So the Hawaii Tourism Authority and its partners are innovating with new messages and new technologies.

A record-setting 8.9 million visitors came to Hawaii in 2016. Most were drawn by the Islands’ decades-old persona of sun, sand, surf and aloha, but some were lured by the artful use of creative technology: • A photo on the Instagram account of a Japanese model in which she is seen surfing under a rainbow Read the full article…

July, 2017

The Home of Hawaii’s Realtors for 50 Years

Hawaii Realtors® Celebrates 50 Years of Advocacy, Standard Forms and Professional Development in the 50th State

THE BIG PICTURE OF HAWAII REALTORS® There is nothing more valuable than local knowledge when it comes to real estate transactions and that is the specialty of a REALTOR®. Hawaii REALTORS® has been supporting local REALTORS® in the 50th State for the past 50 years. With a refreshed look, website and name Hawaii REALTORS® is Read the full article…