September, 2015

Broken: Stuck in Permit Purgatory

Almost everyone agrees the building permit system puts many ordinary businesses through agony. The county governments say they are not entirely to blame and are working to improve the system.

Hideo Simon can barely contain his frustration. “It took me six months,” he says, “just to get my building permit for this place.” We’re speaking in Square Barrels, his new restaurant in Bishop Square, and he has to raise his voice to be heard over the hubbub of the crowded dining room. It’s a bright, Read the full article…

September, 2015

Distant Peak

No one knows for sure, but developers, construction companies and economists expect at least a few more boom years. But many worry another issue may cause problems.

High-rises in Kakaako, condos and a new wing at Ala Moana Center, development in and around Kapolei, rail, sewers and a host of other projects are keeping developers and construction companies hopping. However, they know from long experience that what goes up must come down, so they wonder when the construction boom will peak, a Read the full article…

September, 2015

The Biggest Getting Bigger

Here’s what it takes for engineers and builders to add a wing larger than windward mall to ala moana center, which is already the nation's largest outdoor shopping center.

The $572 million Ewa extension of Ala Moana Shopping Center, which is scheduled to open on November 12, has been an enormous undertaking. As Francisco Gutierrez, director of development at General Growth Properties, explains, the project will add 330,000 square feet of retail space to the mall. “But it’s really much bigger than that,” he Read the full article…

August, 2015

Parting Shot: Solar Dry Dock

Friday 9:54 AM University of Hawaii Hangar, Kalaeloa Airport Photo by Odeelo Dayondon The Solar Impulse airplane will spend the winter in Hawaii, after completing the longest and most challenging leg of its round-the-world flight, from Nagoya to Kalaeloa Airport. Batteries, which allow the solar-power plane to fly day and night, need repairs after overheating Read the full article…

August, 2015

What’s It Worth: Art That Lasts About Four Hours

FOR 30 YEARS, Darren Ho has created art he describes as “simply done,” with less detail than a wood or bronze sculpture, and with a lifespan of about four hours. Using a chainsaw and a few other tools, he turns 300-pound blocks of ice into motorcycles, ice bars, ships and more. Transforming one of the Read the full article…