October, 2015

Editor’s Note: Choosing Our Electric Future

I ENVY PEOPLE who make their intellectual life easy by sticking to an ideology. For some, there’s no need to investigate and think through a particular issue, because we always need to bomb our enemies back to the Stone Age; for others, war is never the solution, no matter what the threat. People’s opinions on economics Read the full article…

October, 2015

Letters and Corrections

Enforce Existing Laws on Payday Loans Thank you for opening the discussion on the need for basic financial education and literacy, the importance of financial counseling and for the active enforcement of existing consumer protection law in the article “Payday Loans Drive Debts Deeper” (August 2015). As you are now aware, our company was incorrectly Read the full article…

October, 2015

Turning Points

Five women explain how they made it through challenging stages in their lives, and offer tips on how to persevere and prosper.

Nicole Velasco: Struggling While Starting Out It was 2008, the depth of the Great Recession, and Nicole Velasco had just graduated from Princeton University. She quickly found that even an Ivy League degree isn’t an automatic ticket to success. Both her mom and dad had just lost their jobs as Aloha Airlines folded, and both Read the full article…

October, 2015

Who Should Own Hawaiian Electric?

Senior writer Dennis Hollier looks at whether the company should remain a privately owned utility or its units turned into customer-owned co-ops, like Kauai’s electric utility, or into municipal agencies like the county water-supply boards.

There must be blood in the water. Until last year, when Hawaiian Electric Industries announced its intent to merge with Florida energy giant NextEra, the company seemed like a permanent fixture of the local economy. Only a few zealous renewable-energy mavens spoke of its eventual demise. But the sharks are out now. Everyone seems to Read the full article…

October, 2015

Rebirth of the Aloha Shirt

Designers across Hawaii and around the world are reinventing the aloha shirt with both new and retro styles, for business and Pau Hana.

AFTER A PERIOD when many fashion-conscious young men in Hawaii looked askance at the aloha shirt, it is enjoying a fashion renaissance, here and around the world. The aloha shirt continues to mean many things to many people. While visitors see it as relaxed vacation attire and people on the mainland, in Japan and elsewhere Read the full article…

September, 2015

Parting Shot: Senior Living Facility Takes Shape

Tuesday, 9:49 AM 1723 Kalakaua Ave. Photo by Aaron Yoshino Carpenter Helaman Miyamoto attaches the male side of a form saver during construction of a 17-story senior living facility kitty-corner from the Hawaii Convention Center. The facility is being built by Swinerton Builders and will include 168 rental units with 216 beds. Completion date is Read the full article…