May, 2015


The University of Hawaii has produced many innovations but struggled to turn them into successful businesses. Here are four products that show great promise and may help UH’s commercialization programs turn the corner.

For many years, Vassilis Syrmos didn’t spend much time thinking about business. An electrical engineer with a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and a new career in academia, he was happy to focus on pure research. “When you’re a young assistant professor,” he explains, “your science is the most important thing to you.” That changed in Read the full article…

May, 2015

Talk Story with David Lassner

President, University of Hawaii System

David Lassner says he is on a mission to improve the UH system’s services to students and the community – to make “the elephant dance,” as he calls it. He explains where he intends to lead UH and how. It was not your idea to vie for this job; the UH Board of Regents asked Read the full article…

May, 2015

Overcoming Hardship

For children who come from broken homes, or suffer from disabilities, poverty or other hardships, getting a good education can seem like an impossible dream. But here are some who made it. Senior Writer Beverly Creamer looks at the difference a few programs and a few people have made in the lives of young adults and what it takes to succeed when the odds are stacked against you.

By sixth grade, Cedric Gates’ future already looked bleak: Severe childhood obesity had pushed his weight over 200 pounds. A year later things got worse: His mother collapsed at work and died from heart disease. By the time he was 14, Gates was running with a wild crowd. At 15, he’d dropped out of Waianae Read the full article…

May, 2015

Accountant Charged With Same Crimes He Once Investigated

Techniques he used for years to uncover wrongdoing were used to collect evidence against him

Patrick Oki says he was assigned to his first fraud investigation in the mid-1990s, just a few years after graduating from UH-Manoa and joining an accounting firm. “We had to go to our client’s site on a Saturday and we were going through the president’s desk, looking for invoices and being protected by a guard Read the full article…

May, 2015

Mr. Pro Bono

Pau Hana Volunteers with Derek Kobayashi

For 17 years , Derek Kobayashi has dedicated so much of his spare time to free legal aid that it’s earned him the nickname “Mr. Pro Bono.” “Since about 1998, I’ve always tried to maintain at least one active pro bono case as part of my load,” explains Kobayashi, 51, a litigation partner with the Read the full article…

May, 2015


Tidbits from Hawaii’s economy and other interesting places

Drilling a tunnel from Kailua to Kaneohe This tunnel-boring machine, with a 13-foot diameter, will cut its way through basalt rock to create a 3.1-mile tunnel that will bring sewage from the Kaneohe pre-treatment plant to the Kailua treatment plant. The estimated cost of the project is $175 million. The open compartments on the face Read the full article…