Top 250 2017

Daniel House and Gina Gelber

CHANGES AT THE TOP Hawaiian Airlines’ parent has risen to No. 2 on the Top 250 and a new company debuts at No. 7. The first few spots in the Top 250 list of Hawai‘i’s biggest companies and nonprofits rarely change much from year to year – but they did last year and again this Read the full article…

The Hawaii News Now Sunrise team. Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now.

Talk Story: Rick Blangiardi & Scott Humber

Beverly Creamer

Hawaii news now General Manager Rick Blangiardi and News Director Scott Humber are the leaders of local TV’s most watched news stations, but they also operate the state’s most popular digital news platform. Blangiardi says that, on a busy news week, HNN digital platforms, including desktop website, mobile website (WAP) and News App, get more Read the full article…

Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Talk Story: Sig Zane

Daniel Ikaika Ito

Sig Zane is an icon of aloha wear. His mastery of hand-cutting rubylith is the signature of the SZD aesthetic and the sharp lines of his artwork make Hawaiian flora and fauna come to life like no other company. The flagship Sig Zane Designs store in Hilo is a must-visit whenever on Hawaii Island, especially Read the full article…

June 2017 , Leadership
July, 2017
Photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

Embrace Conflict

Hawaii Business magazine

People in Hawaii often try to avoid conflict, but four local leaders explain how well-managed conflict is essential to an organization and its employees. They provide a nine-part road map for navigating conflict at your workplace. DISCUSSION PARTICIPANTS This is an edited transcript of a dynamic workshop conversation held at the 2016 Hawaii Business Leadership Read the full article…

July 2017 , Leadership
July, 2017