Red Cross Month 2022

Every March, the American Red Cross is recognized nationally for its mission of alleviating human suffering in the face of disasters. The workforce of our organization is made up of 90% volunteers, and this March we want to honor those who have gone above and beyond in their roles.
Red Cross Volunteers 01
Volunteers from Maui organize shelter supplies and practice deployment preparations in case of an emergency. | Photo: courtesy of The American Red Cross Hawaii

Since its establishment in 1917, the Hawaii Red Cross has been dedicated to the local communities. Our volunteers are made up of the people we serve, adapting our efforts despite hardships from weather to the pandemic. Their work is continually evolving and finding new ways to better aid those in need. We will be celebrating 16 of those volunteers this year from throughout our Pacific Islands Region – made up of Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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The headquarters of the Red Cross, Pacific Islands Region is located at the base of Diamond Head. Here, preparedness resources are prepared and training courses in lifesaving skills are conducted. | Photo: courtesy of The American Red Cross of Hawaii.

These tireless heroes have taken it upon themselves to train in best practices for disaster preparedness and response. Be it staffing a shelter to bring people in from a storm, damage assessment and delivery after a flood or mental health care after a tragedy, these volunteers make their communities a better and stronger place. Moreover, their work saves lives. The knowledge they gain in CPR, First Aid and other such skills, they then pass along as course instructors for classes available to anyone, volunteer or not.

Red Cross Volunteers 02

Honolulu Hale lit up in 2021 in honor of the Red Cross and it’s service to the local communities. | Photo: courtesy of The American Red Cross Hawaii

While we are recognizing 16 individuals from our large volunteer force this month, we invite everyone to be a part of the effort. To support as a volunteer, to donate or for opportunities to become a corporate partner, please visit Together, we can continue to strengthen the community against disasters.



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