Ask the Expert: Connecting with Asian Travelers


How do I attract travelers from Asia to my business?



First acknowledge that Japan, China and Korea are culturally unique. Understanding this key principle will enable you to create tailored campaigns that are relevant to the consumer you are trying to attract.

Recognize diverse consumer behaviors:
Learn individual cultural nuances and adapt your business accordingly. Some travelers, for instance, prefer paying with their own country’s credit card, while others prefer using a debit card. Your business should tend to those needs.

Leverage social media platforms:
There are many social-media outlets to use. WeChat and Weibo are popular in China, while Facebook and Twitter rule in Japan. In Korea, blogs get more views than actual websites. To convey your message effectively, always use native speakers who have a first-hand cultural understanding of the customer you are targeting.

Influence travelers prior to departure:
Market ahead of their travel, using a mix of guidebooks and social-media tools with tailored messages. Continue to communicate with the traveler through the journey – in flight, at the airport and at the hotel—all the way to the door of your business.

Develop loyal customers
Once the traveler arrives at your business, your job is to create a positive experience. Consider using collateral and signage written by copywriters who are fluent in Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Turn one-time visitors into repeat or even lifelong customers through loyalty programs. Be sure to maintain post-departure communications with your customers through direct marketing or on social media.


This Month’s Expert:

Dave Erdman,
President & CEO, PacRim Marketing Group

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