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John Adversalo and his staff at Architects Pacific sometimes work late into the night or on weekends. He needed a way to get quick answers in the least obtrusive way possible, so he equipped everyone with Apple’s smartphone.
HB: Why did you get everyone iPhones?

Adversalo: I was at the AIA (American Institute of Architects) convention this year and when everyone got out of these seminars, everyone’s like this (pulls out his phone, studies the screen and scrolls up and down with his finger). They’re all connecting, so they’re on the phone, they’re looking at this, they’re texting. I was like, “Wow, they don’t have to be in the office.” For me, I thought, “That would be great because I’m over here on the weekends and I’m asking a question. I’m thinking something. Can I get a response, like yes or no?” I don’t have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, but I don’t want to disturb our employees.

We also travel. I have a few projects on Guam and we’ve done projects around the Pacific Rim. And because of that, it’s just instantaneous access. … It gives us the edge on our competitors because of quick responses. I was in a meeting and I got responses within five minutes. … On Monday, they asked me, “John, call this guy,” and I had all my contacts, everything there.
HB: What about privacy?

Adversalo: I thought it would be an invasion of their privacy, their private life or maybe upset their wives (laughs). One employee says his wife says, “That guy, he’s always on it!” It’s pretty much a new toy. But everybody pretty much adopted it and they’re slowly getting into the culture.
HB: What if somebody doesn’t get back to you during off-hours?

Adversalo: I know sometimes you have it off, so I don’t really chase them. And I know that there’s a little bit of iffy space, but architecture, I define it as a profession, so you’re a professional on that level. I would say 90 percent (of usage) is for personal use … but I notice who responds right away, who really works with it.
HB: What apps do you use?

Adversalo: I was in Korea and this guy called me the Korean iPhone guy because I used “Korean Essentials” by AccelaStudy. I actually typed in sentences and it translated into Hangeul characters so the person could read it. … Cameras. I don’t have to get anybody cameras because the cameras are all here.
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