Designing Spaces For The Future – A Look At Wellness That Transcends All Market Sectors

As we come out of our homes and back into our places of work, learning, play and entertainment, we all pause to wonder – what does this new world look like?
01 Interior Design Department
Team members collaborate within the G70 Interior Design Studio. | Photo: courtesy of G70

As Interior Designers, we help our clients envision their futures, using our skillsets to bring these creative spaces and solutions to life.

G70 Iolani Photo 2

‘Iolani Schools K-1 Community | Photo: courtesy of G70

Wellness design transcends all market sectors. The pandemic was the great equalizer and left none untouched. Spaces in our future, rooted in wellness design foster a healthy environment with biophilia (connecting architecture and nature), indoor-outdoor space integration, and softly control lighting, materiality, air and sound. This design approach can be applied to all sectors – schools, healthcare, corporate, entertainment, and hospitality. These spaces would be founded in wellness and apply:

  • Nimble — user-friendly flexible and adaptable furnishings and spaces to flex with user and community needs.
  • Boundaries — use of screens, partitions, or panels to create boundaries, foster a sense of community and identify spaces.
  • Nature – use of greenery and connection to nature outdoors, foster indoor-outdoor connections and increase performance of outdoor spaces.
  • Environment – create a sanctuary for people to work/play/learn.
  • Sustainability – a wellness design approach is a holistic sustainable approach with use of sustainable materials, lighting and HVAC methodology to create healthy built environments.
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Hawaiʻi State Hospital | Photo: courtesy of G70

Good design supports the health and well-being for all people, considering physical, mental, and emotional effects on its occupants and the surrounding community. Here at G70, we aim to design spaces and communities that foster healthy choices, as with traditional sustainability — good design by its nature provides wellness for the long term.

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