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My Job: Murder Maven

NAME: Reneau Kennedy JOB: Clinical and forensic psychologist  BEGINNINGS: Kennedy was born and raised in rural Idaho. She received her doctorate in psychology from Boston University in 1994. “I did my dissertation on men who murdered and I did two…

Force Majeure – What is it?

The profound economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic shows little sign of easing.  As companies throughout Hawai‘i look for ways to reduce the financial impacts of business closures, cancelled events and travel restrictions, it makes perfect sense that a…

How to Increase Visitor Spending

Millions of tourists come to Hawai‘i and venture beyond the resort areas – crowding our parks, beaches, hiking trails, roads and more. But in 2019, total inflation-adjusted visitor spending actually declined, which means there was no extra money to fix this worn infrastructure. Here are three ways to turn that problem around.

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