Green Hawaii 2019

The path toward sustainability starts with each of us

Our Message in Green Hawaii is Simple: The path toward sustainability starts with each of us. A business, nonprofit organization, family and individual can each do their part to promote a greener future for our Island home. We invited leaders with diverse backgrounds and a similar mission of sustainability to share their thoughts on our collective contributions to a green Hawaii.

“ Think of what sustainability change you can make in your life. Change it. Stick to it. Once that’s working, think of the next change. Repeat until sustainable.”

Henk Rogers, Founder and Board Chair, Blue Planet Foundation

“ When people come together around a common vision and dedicate themselves to accomplish a collective goal, they can achieve the impossible.”

Nainoa Thompson, Polynesian Voyaging Society

“ Energy efficiency is an important first step toward a 100 percent clean energy future that every family and business can play a part in.”

Brian Kealoha, Executive Director, Hawaii Energy

“ I love the saying, ‘a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.’ I’ve found that people are both more resilient and more innovative than they think they are. Can you imagine how strong we are together?”

Dawn LippertHawaii Clean Energy Initiative

“ We’re committed to doing our part for Hawaii’s cleaner renewable energy future and we’ll continue to partner with everyone to pursue energy conservation and electrification of transportation alternatives.”

Alan Oshima, President and CEO, Hawaiian Electric



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