Here’s How Mary Fastenau Became a Digital Marketing Pioneer, S2E13

The senior partner at Anthology Marketing Group fondly recalls the Internet’s early digital marketing potential and the growth of what is now the state’s largest integrated marketing and communications agency.
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Mary Fastenau had an “aha” moment while working at Starr Seigle Communications in the mid-90s. The Internet was new, yet she saw that it provided a platform for businesses of all sizes to compete on an equal basis.

One of her big projects was to create a virtual tour of the Halekulani hotel. She still remembers the hotel telling her that someone had booked the presidential suite after seeing the tour – that revenue covered the cost of building the hotel’s website.

“It’s the beauty of what’s going on in digital, even today, is that … you can test, you can look and you can make sure that your hypothesis, even if they’re very well researched, that they are actually relating to real people,” she says.

Starr Siegle became Anthology Marketing Group in 2007. Today, the agency is part of Finn Partners, a global marketing and communications firm, and represents clients like Hawai‘i Pacific Health, Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, Hawaiian Telcom and ‘Iolani School.

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