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Welcome to The Hawaii Business Podcast! 

Join us as we take you behind the scenes with some of Hawaiʻi’s most influential business and community leaders. We’ll focus on big issues impacting Hawaiʻi, its organizations, and of course its people – all with a unique perspective from each of our distinguished guests.   

We hope you keep the conversation going on sustainable solutions towards our shared goal of a stronger, more resilient and inclusive future. You won’t want to miss a single episode!


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Season 1 (2022)

John Fink on Why ALICE Numbers Are Expected to Rise, S1E6

On this episode of The Hawaii Business Podcast, the president and CEO of Aloha United Way says up to 700,000 residents are now living on the edge, why the minimum wage hike was long overdue, and how it’s time to stop talking and start creating new job opportunities.

Meet Your Host!

Hb Podcast Icon 600x600 Unyong Nakata, Nakata Advisory LLC

Unyong Nakata, Principal
Nakata Advisory, LLC

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Unyong Nakata is the host of The Hawaii Business Podcast - Season 1.

Unyong is the Founder and Principal of Nakata Advisory, LLC, where services are focused on catalyzing business development and operational alignment. Unyong is driven by the core values of integrity, excellence, and compassion; her diverse experiences have cultivated a unique toolkit to compliment her innate drive to create clarity, alignment, and excellence through the most important asset – people.

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