Need to Know Event Series 2022: Regenerative Tourism

This new model for tourism is seen as a step beyond earlier concepts such as ecotourism and sustainable tourism.
Ntk Regenerative Tourism Panelists

From left to right: Steve Petranik, Mālia Sanders, Pauline Sheldon, Mondy Jamshidi Kent, Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā. | Photo: Tricia Murata

Almost 200 people gathered in-person and virtually at the Prince Waikiki on April 21 to hear a lively discussion on regenerative tourism as part of Hawaii Business Magazine’s “Need to Know” event series.

Kalani Ka‘anā‘anā, chief brand officer for the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority, described regenerative tourism as step beyond earlier concepts such as ecotourism and sustainable tourism as a way to give back and regenerate the Islands.

The other panelists were:

  • Mālia Sanders, executive director of the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association;
  • Mondy Jamshidi Kent, executive director of the nonprofit travel2change.
  • Pauline Sheldon, professor emerita of UH Mānoa’s School of Travel Industry Management.

The conversation focused on issues like managing the impact of millions of tourists on community and local resources; educating visitors on Hawaiian culture and sustaining the environment; and improving the overall experience for guests and residents.

Ntk Regenerative Tourism Recap Guests

Photo: Tricia Murata

One overall message of the discussion was that it is the responsibility of everyone – tourists and locals – to regenerate Hawai‘i, its environment and culture.

Presenting sponsor for the event was the architectural, engineering, planning and design firm G70.

G70 Principal Craig Takahata, AIA, said, “With over 20 years of specialized hospitality design focused experience, I see initiatives for architects when we engage in thoughtful tourism-related discussions with clients, developers, and the community. We can each find ways in contributing to the cause in the areas we serve.”

Ntk Regenerative Tourism Networking

Attendees and panelists networked before the live discussion. | Photo: Tricia Murata

“There is much to learn about responsible stewardship of Hawai‘i’s natural and cultural assets for regenerative tourism. It’s equally important to understand how we can reciprocate this responsibility as tourists to other destinations as well.”

Andre Haddad, CEO of Turo, a community sponsor for the event, added his thoughts: “Regenerative tourism is core to our mission at Turo. As the world’s largest car sharing marketplace, Turo empowers Hawai‘i residents to earn money from their underutilized cars while providing locals and visitors access to an amazing experience.”

Ntk Regenerative Tourism Lunch

Attendees enjoyed a boxed lunch prior to the panel discussion at the Prince Waikiki. | Photo: Tricia Murata

“We are also committing to making car travel more sustainable by offsetting 100% of our estimated global carbon emissions.” Haddad said. “On behalf of our local hosts, we are grateful to participate in this important conversation and will continue taking our kuleana seriously.”

Student sponsor for the event was Island Pacific Academy of Kapolei and the other community sponsor was Alaska Airlines.


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Hta Kalani Kaanaana HeadshotKalani Ka‘anā‘anā
Hawaii Tourism Authority



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Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association



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University of Hawaiʻi, School of Travel Industry Management



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Hawaii Business Magazine 



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