Puzzle Shop Highlights Local Artists While Supporting Sustainability

Surf Shack Puzzles is part of Mana Up’s seventh cohort.
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Photo: courtesy of Surf Shack Puzzles

Surf Shack Puzzles was born in 2020 during the pandemic’s stay-at-home period.

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Mahina Tuteur, owner of Surf Shack Puzzles

Mahina Tuteur’s 5-year-old son enjoyed doing puzzles, which inspired her to create her own. She says it’s a “relaxing and nice” way to disconnect from electronic devices.

Tuteur says her puzzles, which feature local female artists such as Punky Aloha and Kim Sielbeck, highlight Hawai‘i and give people a different way to enjoy art.

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Photo: courtesy of Surf Shack Puzzles

All the puzzles are made from premium 100% recycled Eska board and printed with nontoxic ink, she says. A portion of proceeds goes to local ocean conservation initiatives.

One of her goals for the business is to educate children and inspire them to “love the ocean through knowledge.”


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