Hawai‘i Company Emphasizes Fair Trade Practices in Its Cotton Products

Tag Aloha Co. is part of Mana Up’s seventh cohort.
05 22 Tag Aloha Hero
Photo: courtesy of Tag Aloha

Founders Alana Penaroza, Kainoa Penaroza and AJ White say Tag Aloha Co. started as a passion project and partnership with Whole Foods Market in Hawai‘i. Today, the brand sells locally inspired beach bags and accessories made of organic cotton.

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Photo: courtesy of Tag Aloha

White says Tag Aloha is the state’s first Fairtrade-certified business, which means the company and its supply chain meet the social, environmental and economic standards set by Fairtrade, a global nonprofit. Although Tag Aloha Co. sources its cotton from India and manufactures most of its products there, the brand is locally owned and operates in Kailua.

05 22 Tag Aloha Founders

(Left to right) AJ White, Manjari White, Alana Penaroza, and Kainoa Penaroza.

White says the owners donate a portion of their profits to the Surfrider Foundation and AccessSurf.


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