The Next Generation Takes Over

Next-Generation Survey:

Roles and Paths

The percentage of next-generation survey respondents who strongly agree with these statements:

The Value of Outside Experience

51% of next-generation respondents worked for another company before joining the family business. Here are percentages of that group who saw these advantages in outside experience.

Letting Go

What does it take for the previous generation to let go of control of the family business? Here’s what the next generation says is necessary. (Can choose more than one.)

What Causes Conflict

The next generation cites the major causes of conflict among family members. (Can choose more than one.) 


1. Does your company have a strategic plan?

2. Does your company have a succession plan?

Biggest Challenges

Here is what the next generation says were its biggest challenges in the past 12 months. (Can choose more than one.)

What’s the Next-Generation Survey?

Business Consulting Resources and Market Trends conducted a survey of family businesses in Hawaii for the second straight year. This time, the survey focused on next-generation family business leaders; often that is the second generation taking over from the first, but sometimes it is the third or fourth generation taking over from their predecessors. Survey results are scattered throughout this report.

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