What’s It Worth? $800

A Takamine EN-10C acoustic-electric cutaway guitar played by renowned  slack key artist Makana. “As a professional musician, many people ask why I don’t play a more expensive guitar. It’s about the connection to the guitar, not the price or brand.”

Why so special?
As a child, Makana received a guitar he named “Morning Star,” from slack key legend Sonny Chillingworth. Makana performed with it for 12 years until it was stolen. He was devastated, but found another just like it on eBay. He purchased it for $800 and named it “Evening Star.” “The guitar is not just an object,” Makana says. “It becomes part of your mind and spirit.”

Where’s it been?
He plays “Evening Star” at all his big concerts, including in December, when he performed at the White House for President Obama, Sen. Daniel Akaka and 800 White House staff.

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