September, 2017

We can do it!

Young women from the latest generation of business majors want to be executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs and moms, too

They may be young, but the women graduating from business schools these days already know what they want and they’re shooting for the stars.   They’re passionate, assertive, organized, ambitious, altruistic and well-trained – often with many sets of business skills. They can manage, analyze, work with complex data, design public relations campaigns and schmooze Read the full article…

September, 2017

Higher Education

Architects are planning Hawaii’s first vertical school, which might be as tall as 10 stories, in the middle of Kakaako

Architects are currently dreaming up designs for the tower of classrooms that will become Hawaii’s first vertical school. It will occupy part of a 10-story, 2.5-acre development on Pohukaina Street that will include stores and mixed-income rental apartments. It will be unlike all the other Hawaii schools that are sprawling one- and two-story buildings usually Read the full article…

September, 2017

The 2nd Annual Blue Tie Bash

Hawaii’s business and community leaders help raise more than $165,000 to power the transition to 100% clean energy future

Blue Planet Foundation—a Hawaii-based nonprofit committed to solving the climate change challenge by clearing the path for 100% clean energy—hosted the second annual Blue Tie Bash on September 14, 2017 at the Hawaii Convention Center. The dinner reception brought together Hawaii’s top business, community, and thought leaders to celebrate and raise funds for Blue Planet’s Read the full article…

September, 2017

The Cost of Silence

The moral case against domestic violence is obvious. But since this is a business magazine, let’s also talk about dollars and sense.

If you think domestic violence does not affect you, you’re wrong. You may not be the one with the bruises, broken bones and worse, but you are paying part of the price – at your workplace and with your taxes. Twenty-one percent of employed adults (women and men) say they have been the victim of intimate-partner violence, according to a Read the full article…

September, 2017

Talk Story: Lynn Babington

Lynn Babington had a career in nursing before taking on leadership roles at universities. In August, she became Chaminade University of Honolulu’s 10th president, with a vision that encompasses students of many ages. Q: What are your plans for Chaminade? A: We need to focus on a few areas where we’re very strong – obviously Read the full article…

September, 2017

Five Things to Know About the Customer Connection

Takeaways from the C-Suite: Two Strategies For Success

There’s an old saying, “The customer is king.” Today, the customer really is a king: well informed, very demanding, willing to change their mind at a moment’s notice – and with their phones – able to act on those whims. That means companies face a huge challenge, said Tiffani Bova, evangelist for global, customer growth Read the full article…