April, 2015

Inevitable Change

Hawaiian Electric will undergo a radical transformation over the next few years, whether or not NextEra buys it. Surprisingly, the electric utility agrees with many of the changes sought by its critics, but not all. Here’s what to expect.

Soon – maybe even by the time you read this article – the state’s largest company, Hawaiian Electric Industries, will begin a radical transformation from the stodgy monopoly we’ve known for 124 years, into a much more nimble and competitive company, one that’s prepared for the challenges facing a 21st-century electric utility. No, I’m not Read the full article…

April, 2015

Natural Energy Lab Fosters its Own Startup Paradise

I believe the Hawaiian people have been given a tremendous gift from Pele and that gift is this access to deep ocean water,” says Rich Bailey, owner of Dewpoint Systems. The gift of deep ocean water may be Pele’s, but the water is delivered to the surface by the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority’s Read the full article…

April, 2015

More Efficient Power

A Kauai hotel generates its own electricity and uses the resulting heat to create both A/C and hot water

In the hospitality world, it’s not just hotel guests who win points and rewards. The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas on Kauai’s North Shore earned a bonus when it installed a system that delivers electricity more efficiently and comes with a free byproduct, heat. That byproduct, which would normally be wasted, is harvested to run Read the full article…

April, 2015

Private Chef Makes At-Home Meals Special

A luxurious meal at home prepared by a professional chef is not just a privilege of the rich and famous, but available to anyone willing to spend a few hundred dollars on a special occasion. Chef Jason Paul, owner of The Private Chef, says a three-course meal of salad/appetizer, entrée and dessert for groups smaller Read the full article…

April, 2015

Little Fire Ant Could Take Big Bite Out of Hawaii Island Economy

UH economists say spending $8 million today on eradication could save $6 billion over three decades

As far as invasive species go, the little fire ant is considered one of the world’s worst. Its burning sting causes a painful, long-lasting and itchy rash in humans; can interfere with nesting and endanger the young of native species; and causes blindness in pets who can’t brush the biting ants off their faces. And, Read the full article…

April, 2015

Not Always Easy Riding

For frugal folks, riding a motorcycle or moped is the way to go, says Glenn Koishigawa. “People’s jaws drop when I tell them they can get up to 60 miles to a gallon on a moped,” says Koishigawa, owner of Glenn’s Cycle Supply in Kaimuki. “They’re very popular, not just among students, but among retirees Read the full article…