April, 2016

Parting Shot: Film Fetish

Monday, 10:42 aM Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Musuem of Art Beretania Street Photo by Kent Nishimura Sarah Fang operates a vertical feed 35mm projector, which has been used at the Doris Duke Theatre since the 1970s. It is the only venue on the island where audiences can experience films in the 35mm format, says theater manager Read the full article…

April, 2016

5 Steps to Changing Your Career

Many people want to change careers, but find themselves stuck in a rut, afraid to fail and unable to start the change process. Sunshine Topping offers these steps to launch your career transformation. 1. Understand your motivations: List those motivations, starting with why you want to change your career. Are you pursuing your heart’s desire or fleeing Read the full article…

April, 2016

Ask The Expert: Retain Your Older Workers

Two-thirds of my staff are Baby Boomers and that terrifies me, because the last time one retired, I couldn’t find a replacement half as good. How do I keep these folks from leaving? Every industry is dealing with talent shortages. The good news is people are living longer and need money to maintain their quality Read the full article…

April, 2016

Increase Your Profits by Doing These 5 Things with Data

With all of the buzz around “big data”, many local business owners are contemplating two things: 1) How important is data analytics to my business? Or 2) How do I organize and measure data efficiently to increase my bottom line? We did our research and asked the experts to participate in our Lunch and Learn Read the full article…

April, 2016

Nothing Ugly Here

The couple behind Jeff Chang Pottery have been making and selling beautiful crafts for four decades

Jeff and Karon Chang have come full circle. When they opened their first gallery in a former house along Kamehameha Highway in Kaneohe in 1996, the couple had three goals, recalls Karon, co-owner of Jeff Chang Pottery & Fine Crafts. “We were trying to provide a place for our own work, and we were trying Read the full article…

April, 2016

Yes, We Can Solve Hawaii’s Housing Crisis

To solve homelessness, we need to build lots more affordable housing, but Hawaii has failed to do that for decades. Three men with very different visions are trying to fix that.

It’s an improbable place to build affordable housing: 14 acres of undeveloped waterfront, sandwiched between the grim industrial districts of Mapunapuna and Sand Island. This small, unnamed peninsula forms a kind of delta where Maunalua and Kalihi streams empty into Keehi Lagoon. Tall, silky grasses grow over much of the interior. Mangroves line the shore. Read the full article…