August, 2016

Papahanaumokuakea: It is Hawaii’s Business

What does the proposed expansion mean for the 50th State?

  The people of Hawaii are divided over the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Papahanaumokuakea encompasses 10 islands and 140,000 square miles filled with seamounts, atolls, coral and rare species indigenous to Hawaii. Senator Brian Schatz first proposed the plan to increase the monument’s territory from 50 nautical miles Read the full article…

August, 2016

Made in Hawaii

The Hawaii brand is a powerful and emotive tool for selling local products worldwide. There are many variations on the theme, each recognizing the importance of remaining truly local and authentic.

Iolani Sportswear president Lloyd Kawakami remembers when aloha shirts were only made in Hawaii. Today, they are produced cheaply in Asia or sold under labels such as Tommy Bahama, which have no connection to the Islands. That competition has put many local shirt makers out of business, but Kawakami didn’t change Iolani’s commitment to designing, Read the full article…

August, 2016

The Downtown Honolulu Parking Guide 2016

A Comprehensive Listing of Parking in Downtown Honolulu

Parking Lot & Address Day Rate Early Bird After Hours (Flat Rate Unless Specified) Weekend (Flat Rate Unless Specified) Monthly Contact Wait List/ Avalability Type Height Restrictions 1021 Smith St. n/a n/a $5 after 5 p.m., $15 First Friday 0-2 hrs: $2 $5 after 5p.m. (Sat) $3 after 5p.m. (Sun) $10 Diamond 592-7275 n/a Not Read the full article…

August, 2016

The World Is an Island

If Brexit foreshadows America turning away from the world, then all Hawaii will suffer

LIKE MOST PEOPLE, I think about money often. Not about what I can buy with it – though occasionally daydreaming about a shopping trip to Tokyo never hurt anybody. No, my preoccupation is with how money works and how it shapes our world. I’m particularly interested in how events in one corner of the planet Read the full article…

August, 2016

Budding Industry

The People Behind Medical Marijuana

Sixteen years ago, Hawaii legalized medical marijuana but never made it easy for qualified patients to obtain it. That’s about to change: Eight companies are preparing to open stores statewide that will sell state-tested and regulated medical marijuana for roughly 14,000 registered patients. Here’s a look at the patients, doctors, businesspeople and others inside this Read the full article…

August, 2016

Retirement Plans for Your Employees

Ask The Expert

Q: I want retirement plan for my employees that doesn’t bust my company’s budget.
Is that possible? Company retirement plans are a terrific incentive for attracting and retaining top talent. Employees are far more likely to participate in an employer-provided plan than contribute on their own to an individual retirement account, or IRA, so you are essentially Read the full article…