By: Scott Radway
October, 2014

Innovation: Chicken Big

Spotting killer asteroids

“Every couple of million years, something hits the Earth that really causes devastation,” says Gerry Luppino, principle investigator for the University of Hawaii-led, international project to detect killer asteroids headed toward Earth. Luppino cites the big one that struck Earth 65 million years ago as support for efforts to detect incoming objects. That was the Read the full article…

By: Kelli Abe Trifonovitch
October, 2014

Welcome to the Zone

Why can’t the Dems find a viable gubernatorial candidate? Why do the Republicans keep losing bodies in the Legislature? We have their answers to these questions in our new department “Spin Zone.” Managing Editor Jacy L. Youn oversees these pages, designed to create and stimulate dialogue on pressing issues of the day. While “Spin Zone” Read the full article…

By: HB - Author
October, 2014

Parting Shot: Perfect Match

Wednesday, 9:45 am Kona Street, Honolulu Photo by David Croxford Grace Tsutahara, right, lead designer at Iolani Sportswear, meets with colleague Connie Santiago to match in-house fashion sketches with the vibrant knit textiles the company has commissioned from local artisans.  


By: HB - Author
October, 2014

Letters to the Editor

HPU dealing well with challenges, President says Your article about the financial picture at Hawaii Pacific University (August 2014) painted a rather grimmer picture than I believe the reality calls for. It is true that HPU’s part-time enrollments decreased after the 2008-09 financial crisis and subsequent military sequestrations, as they did across many universities in Read the full article…

By: Tiffany Hill
October, 2014

A Guardian During Your Darkest Times

Trained, court-appointed volunteers help children navigate the Family Court system when they’re most vulnerable.

Noy Worachit moved more during her adolescence – over 15 times – than most people do in their entire lives. As a teenager, she also spent time in corrections facilities and gave birth to her daughter. Worachit’s youth, like that of many foster children, was full of challenges and problems. But one woman who volunteered to Read the full article…

By: Hawaii Business Magazine
October, 2014

Ask the Expert: Health Insurance Plans

J.P. Schmidt President & CEO, Family Health Hawaii familyhealthhawaii.com Question: What steps should I take to make sure I choose the right health insurance for my employees without breaking the bank? Answer: Dealing with health insurance doesn’t have to be intimidating if you keep things simple. Here are a few tips. When comparing plans, ask Read the full article…