May, 2017

Business’ Biggest Secret

Research shows the advantages of revealing everyone’s salaries, but local companies don’t do it. In fact, few organizations anywhere are salary transparent. Women are among the biggest losers. Dane Atkinson used to be the kind of startup CEO that board members praised because he attracted top-notch talent while saving money. Certain candidates were just not Read the full article…

May, 2017

Parting Shot: Survival Training

A solder with gear, plunges into the 15-foot section of Richardson Pool from the 16-foot high dive as part of survival training. The soldier is then required to swim to the shallow end of the pool. The training is conducted routinely and is required for all soldiers in the 325th Brigade Support Battalion “Mustangs,” 3rd Read the full article…

May, 2017

My Job: He Goes In After the Police Are Done

NAME: Robin Fujiyama AGE: 53 JOB: Biohazard Technician, Bio-One Hawaii START: Fujiyama served in the Air Force Reserve for eight years, and has been a firefighter for 26. His cousin owns Bio-One Hawaii and, in 2014, contacted Fujiyama about doing crime-scene cleanup due to his background as a firefighter. The company does commercial, residential and Read the full article…

May, 2017

Pathways to Sustainability 2017

Special Promotional Section

The companies featured provide solutions that are innovative, efficient, and save money. This guide will help you plan better practices that will benefit your company and community.

May, 2017

Ask the Expert: How to Get Into an Accelerator

THIS MONTH’S EXPERT: Omar Sultan Co-founder and managing partner, Sultan Ventures and XLR8UH sultanventures.com xlr8uh.com Q: I’m an independent entrepreneur with a great business plan. How do I get into an incubator? A: First determine whether an accelerator is the right path for your startup. We get many teams looking for investment capital when they Read the full article…

May, 2017

An Unconventional Guide to Wellness

Everyone knows gym workouts and healthy eating are good for you, but here are eight less conventional steps toward physical and psychological wellness that you can fit into your busy schedule. 1 WAKE UP GRATEFUL Joel Levey, co-founder of WisdomAtWork.com and the International Center for Corporate Culture and Organizational Health, touts gratitude as “one of Read the full article…