October, 2015

Business Samurai

In her latest book, a local psychologist says adherence to the traditional warrior code of Bushido may work well in a crisis, but it’s an awful everyday leadership strategy and can ruin your life

IN HER NEW BOOK, “Why Smart Men Do the Same Dumb Things: A Warrior’s Manual for Change,” Rosalie K. Tatsuguchi explores the idea that an inflexible “samurai attitude” holds back men – and many women – from a rich life and traps them in a cycle of poor decisions. The root of the problem, Tatsuguchi believes, is Read the full article…

October, 2015

Nominate Exceptional People and Companies

Hawaii Business is seeking nominations and self-nominations for two of its most prestigious programs: Our annual 20 for the Next 20 program honors Hawaii’s emerging leaders. We are looking for intelligent, energetic and charismatic people who have already made big contributions to Hawaii and are poised to make an even greater impact over the next Read the full article…

October, 2015

8 Ways to Get More Women Into S.T.E.M.

Get your hands dirty, have fun, think like a woman and other advice from Hawaii’s female S.T.E.M. leaders

Phuong-Thao Nguyen’s work at Hawaiian Telcom will affect everyone in the state. She is part of the emerging technologies and integration team managing development of a new fiber-optic transPacific cable passing through Hawaii while connecting Southeast Asia and the continental U.S. Nguyen’s team will not only ensure we have the broadband needed for Netflix and Read the full article…

October, 2015

Much More Than The Local Toyota Dealer

SERVCO PACIFIC HAS been growing for nearly a century and its holdings today cover cars, tires, insurance, appliances and a private equity firm, and they stretch from Australia to the U.S. mainland. Plus Servco now controls Fender, the company that makes the guitars used by Hendrix, Clapton, Springsteen and many other rock stars. Every three months, Read the full article…

October, 2015

L&L Brings Hawaii to the World

One recipe for success: Trust the work ethic of immigrant franchise owners

BEFORE BECOMING A global franchise operation, L&L began in the 1950s as a modest business called L&L Dairy, owned by father and son Robert Lee and Robert Lee Jr. That restaurant, now called L&L Drive-Inn, still stands at 1711 Liliha St. in Kalihi, but today it is one of 190, thanks to L&L president and CEO Read the full article…

October, 2015

Women Helping Women

Lean In Circles bring women together to share advice and skills, and advance their careers

ONE GROUP CALLS calls itself the Crunch Brunch and these techies meet every other week in Kaka’ako though they all work for different organizations. Another is called Na Wahine Kuilima o Ka Leo Kamaehu and its members come from different professions but all work for the same company. Both are Lean In Circles, the brainchild Read the full article…