February, 2017

One Family at a Time

It's slow going, but three nonprofits are working with needy families to help them build and own affordable homes.

Three nonprofits on Oahu are partnering with needy families to build affordable homes for ownership using the beneficiaries’ sweat equity, plus volunteer labor, government help, private donations, and a whole lot of advice and support for the families.All that effort only goes so far: In 2016, the three nonprofits completed building two houses in total Read the full article…

February, 2017

Talk Story: Jean Rolles

VP of Community Relations, Outrigger Enterprises Group

Q: Your family has sold Outrigger to KSL Capital Partners LLC. How did that process begin? A: My brother, Richard, has been living in Denver and he knows socially the owner of KSL. They’ve been talking over the years and then it got serious. And my brother’s two sons have been meeting with him, and Read the full article…