July, 2015

Mental Illness in the Workplace: Anxious, Traumatized, Depressed

When an employee's mental illness becomes an issue, here's how you can help

A MANAGER AT A HEALTHCARE NONPROFIT ON MAUI FELT stuck. One of her employees had anxiety, made worse by the stressful, high-conflict working environment of their field. The manager wanted to help, but when she spoke with the nonprofit’s corporate higher-ups, they told her to fire the worker if she couldn’t handle the pressure. “She Read the full article…

July, 2015

Something Old, New, Borrowed & Green

NOAA’S INOUYE REGIONAL CENTER combines historic hangars with cutting-edge sustainable technology and design, and includes re-used material and deep seawater for a remarkably energy-efficient green building.

WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU COMBINE ELEMENTS OF THE 19TH, 20TH AND 21ST CENTURIES? Start with the U.S. government’s oldest scientific agency, with roots stretching back to the early 1800s; add historic Ford Island aircraft hangars that survived the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, and served throughout the war; and mix in Read the full article…

July, 2015

How Much Will it Cost Us in the End?

Dan Grabauskas, executive director of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, gets a little prickly when he hears people say the city’s rail project is $1 billion over budget.

“For one thing,” he says, “we’re not over budget at all, at this point. We’re estimating that, because construction costs are escalating so quickly in the current year, that next year, when we’re signing the remaining construction contracts, we’re going to see bids that will be higher than what we originally projected back in 2011-1012, Read the full article…

July, 2015

Molokai at Work

Photo essay by photographer P.F. Bentley

MOLOKAI IS OFTEN characterized as the Island with Hawaii’s highest unemployment rate. That’s unfortunate, because most of the residents work hard to earn a living. So we asked photographer PF Bentley, who lives on the Friendly Isle, to showcase his neighbors on the job. Danny Juario Sr., 56: He has been working as an auto Read the full article…

July, 2015

What’s Next for Solar

In a challenging regulatory environment, PV companies seek novel ways to keep the lights on

If you ever use a waste-burning toilet, don’t be surprised if you find out a solar-power company installed it. That’s one of the technologies being investigated by RevoluSun, a Honolulu-based solar company that has expanded its “Smart Home” division, offering products and services to make homes more energy efficient. The long-term goal: build fully sustainable Read the full article…

July, 2015

Crowded Water

The growing popularity of tours aimed at marine animals has led to questionable practices by some inexperienced operators. The industry is divided over whether the solution is voluntary guidelines or more regulations and enforcement.

THE TRAVEL CHANNEL named Kona’s manta ray night dive one of the top 10 things to do in your lifetime. As they feed on the plankton attracted to the flashlights held by divers and snorkelers, the gentle yet massive rays, with wingspans of up to 16 feet, somersault and swoop close to their audience in Read the full article…