January, 2015

State Website Turns Heads

Award-winning redesigns of the state’s web portal and department websites are aimed at making them easier for the public to use

It’s three years into the state’s Business and Information Technology Transformation 12-year plan and some improvements are becoming noticeable. This year, the newly redesigned hawaii.gov website won seven awards, including the Center for Digital Government’s top award for 2014, best website in the state portal category. Utah’s and California’s websites “have huge staffs working on Read the full article…

January, 2015

Express Yourself

If it’s been a long time since you colored outside the lines, visit Clay Cafe Hawaii, where children and adults paint on premade pottery and flex their creative muscles. “To think outside the norm, we encourage that here,” says manager Jamie Reza. Reza says customers with a range of skills enjoy painting on pottery and Read the full article…

January, 2015

Three Leaders in One

CEO brings new ideas and new methods to the Blood Bank of Hawaii

Dr. Kim-Ahn Nguyen has understood the importance of collaborating and adapting to change since childhood. She was just 7 when her family was evacuated from Vietnam and deposited in a small town in New Jersey to start a new life with few other Asians nearby. There, Nguyen grew up in “an atmosphere of help and Read the full article…


January, 2015

Dealing with Resistance to Change

An excerpt from Robbie Alm’s new book, The Faith of Leadership, in which he explores one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders: Leading in times of change.

The Faith of Leadership: Insights from Hawaii’s Leaders Watermark Publishing www.bookshawaii.net Excerpt from the Book’s Introduction This is not a cookbook on leadership; there really is no such thing. There are no proven recipes that will tell you what specific steps to take, with what ingredients, in what amounts, with a predictable result of great Read the full article…

January, 2015

Yes, you can become an Affordable Housing Developer

Adding a rental unit to your house on Oahu might become easier

Some people think that a partial solution to Hawaii’s critical shortage of affordable housing is right in our own homes. These advocates want to boost the supply of affordable rentals by relaxing restrictions on ohana units – known officially as accessory dwelling units. Easing zoning regulations for ADUs, they say, will encourage construction of these Read the full article…

January, 2015

Lighting it up

Fireworks create such a magical experience that you might not realize all the work that goes beyond just igniting the rockets. Wayne Hikiji is the entertainment and production expert for Envisions Entertainment & Productions, a company based on Maui. He estimates that a standard five-minute show will cost $15,000 to $20,000, and a 10-minute show Read the full article…