John Fink on Why ALICE Numbers Are Expected to Rise, S1E6

On this episode of The Hawaii Business Podcast, the president and CEO of Aloha United Way says up to 700,000 residents are now living on the edge, why the minimum wage hike was long overdue, and how it’s time to stop talking and start creating new job opportunities.
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Photo: Joelle Cabasa

Bold and outspoken, John Fink exemplifies the style of nonprofit leadership our community needs to effectuate a statewide CHANGE Initiative for sustainable impact.

This East Coast transplant, whose aloha for Hawaiʻi and its stories runs deep, has been the voice in our living rooms for decades.

“Everybody has the power to make a difference. We just need to be proactive in thinking about that stuff every day, and then it’ll become the norm. And luckily, we live in the best place in the world to see that happen.”

Now, as the CEO of the Aloha United Way, his voice and heart unite to champion those of us whose voices need a boost to get an equitable seat at the table. 

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