Kitty Yannone’s Tenacious Perseverance is the Perfect Fit for Hawaiʻi’s Oldest PR Firm, S1E15

CommPac CEO Kitty Yannone shares her incredible journey from quitting her job as a single mom to a heroic battle with cancer to asking to buy a company as a job prerequisite.
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Photo: Joelle Cabasa

Kitty Yannone has not had an easy life. From having a teen mom to being a teen mom herself, Yannone has always had a positive outlook on life.

Turning her struggles into opportunities, she recalls how an interaction with the head of Kapiʻolani Medical Center as a 25-year-old mom led her to become the first employee at the Ronald McDonald House in Hawaiʻi.

“I’ve looked at all the toughest things in my life and, no matter how hard it was going through, it always led me to a better place.”

After some time in public relations, she decided to speak up about a gender pay gap issue, which ultimately led to her quitting the job. A serendipitous encounter with a previous colleague led to her current job as CEO of Communications Pacific, LLC, better known as CommPac.


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