How Engaged is Your Workforce?

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Employee engagement is measured by the commitment level an individual has in helping a company achieve its business goals.


Engagement in the American Workplace

Benefits of An Engaged Workforce

An engaged workforce leads to improved productivity, stronger company performance, lower turnover, and greater customer satisfaction

  • 17% Higher Productivity
  • 21% Higher Profitability
  • 24% Lower Turnover
  • 10% Higher Customer Metric
Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Here are a few you may want to consider:

  • Listen to your employees
  • Communicate and keep employees informed
  • Have ongoing career development discussions
  • Properly empower your people
  • Train leaders to be effective at coaching team members
  • Offer genuine recognition and appreciation to great performers
Hawaii Employers Council is Here to Help

In addition to improving your leadership development program or developing a salary structure that aligns with your company’s philosophy, Hawaii Employers Council has the resources and tools to help increase employee engagement including:

  1. Organizational Effectiveness Survey
  2. Employee Engagement Survey
  3. Post Survey Support
  4. Facilitated Learning Sessions
  5. Compensation Consulting Services
  6. HR, Leadership & Organizational Development Training


HR Professionals Key to Meaningful Diversity

Diversity without inclusiveness hurts business. Human resource management practitioners report that the struggle with diversity is real—it is a tension, an unsaid set of cultural norms that block true teamwork. Employers, community leaders and HR practioners must collectively do more to promote tolerance, understanding, and respect. Imagine a workplace beyond skin color, age, accent, or “what high school you went to” where every person is valued for all that they can contribute. Where everyone refrains from putting people in boxes because of assumptions. The Society for Human Resource Management Hawaii Chapter, comprised of more than 700 HR professionals, promotes meaningful diversity.

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