The Top 100 in Real Estate 2019



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spends a lot of time and effort measuring the performance of businesses and nonprofits in the Islands.

That’s why every year we publish a series of lists: the Best Places to Work, the Top 250 ranking of Hawai‘i’s biggest organizations, Hawai‘i’s Most Profitable Companies and the Most Charitable Companies. Our readers find value in each of these lists and so do the organizations being ranked – it tells them how they measure against their peers and competitors.

There’s a new look this year to the Top 100 in Real Estate. After 12 years of giving us its MLS sales data, the Honolulu Board of Realtors declined to provide that information this time to Hawaii Business Magazine. Board leaders told us the Top 100 put too much emphasis on the top tier of Realtors rather than on the services provided by many thousands of other Realtors on O‘ahu. They also said part of the data could be skewed because some Realtors had formed teams and attributed all the team’s sales to a single person.

But the Neighbor Island boards continued their partnership and provided data to us, so we compiled a list of the Top 100 based only on Neighbor Island data. 

We wish we could provide a statewide list, but we think this revised Top 100 is still useful to buyers and sellers of local real estate and offers a look at the accomplishments of Neighbor Island real estate agents.   

The complete methodology we use is explained here.

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1 James A. Schneider Kukio Properties  200,050,000 
2 Nicole L.K. Vincent Kohanaiki Realty LLC  96,200,000 
3 Stephen T. L. Hurwitz Hawai‘i Life-Mauna Kea LLC  83,672,500 
4 Robert Kildow Hualālai Realty  67,891,000 
5 Yvonne J. Khouri-Morgan Mauna Lani Realty  56,787,200 
6 Molly Harris MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty  52,148,500 
7 Harold Clarke Luxury Big Island by Harold Clarke  35,112,000 
8 James “Jim” Allison Hawai‘i Life-Mauna Kea LLC  31,379,000 
9 Johnny Mac McElree Hawaii Luxury Listings LLC  31,239,375 
10 Thomas Loratta Elite Pacific Properties LLC- Waikoloa  29,365,000 
11 Rebecca J. Hirsch-Keliihoomalu Elite Pacific Properties LLC- Waimea  28,271,000 
12 Carrie Nicholson Hawai‘i Life-Kona Town  27,969,425 
13 Tony L. Pinkert Elite Pacific Properties LLC- Waikoloa  27,849,000 
14 Cindy Wild Premier Island Properties LLC  27,368,297 
15 Regina M. Stuard Hualālai Realty  26,933,000 
16 Donna A. Duryea Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Hilo  26,802,150 
17 Denise S. Nakanishi Hawai‘i Life-Hilo  25,395,665 
18 Robert Chancer Hawai‘i Life-Mauna Kea LLC  23,350,000 
19 Eileen F. Lacerte Hawaii Beach and Golf Properties  22,253,500 
20 Chris Helmuth Kohala Pacific Realty LLC  22,155,200 
21 Jenni Lee Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Kona  21,442,000 
22 Tomoko Matsumoto Hapuna Realty  20,568,999 
23 Kristina R. Vaughn-Hazard Keauhou Kona Real Estate LLC  20,330,488 
24 Lance I. Miyasato Century 21 Homefinders of Hawaii  19,903,850 
25 Karen B. Ferrara Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Waimea  19,072,089 
26 Jon E. McElvaney Commercial Consultants Inc.  19,000,000 
27 Karen E. Bail Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Kona  18,947,500 
28 Howard Meguro Coldwell Banker Day-Lum Properties  18,873,475 
29 Julie S. Keller Hawai‘i Life-Kohala Coast  18,721,000 
30 Jan Nores Hawai‘i Life-Kohala Coast  18,343,000 
31 Steven J. Ellison Clark Realty-Keauhou  18,050,800 
32 Ben Garner Kukio Properties  17,350,000 
33 Joni J. Metzler Metzler Realty  16,995,000 
34 Leiola Augustine Hawai‘i Life-Kailua Kona  16,875,400 
35 Erik Jacobson Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Waikoloa  16,787,500 
36 Chieko Madenokoji Hualālai Realty  16,663,000 
37 Annie L. Mendoza Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Waikoloa  16,320,060 
38 Leslie M. Agorastos Clark Realty-Waimea  16,159,000 
39 Derinda Thatcher Clark Realty-Kona  16,063,100 
40 Marty E. Smith Kohala Resort Realty LLC  15,714,384 
41 Kelly Shaw Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Kona  15,660,398 
42 Marco A. Silva Coldwell Banker Island Properties-Kailua-Kona  15,615,685 
43 Robert D. Wilkinson Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Kona  15,426,950 
44 Sue Brown Sue Brown Realty and Associates  14,979,979 
45 Patti Kam Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Kona  14,916,300 
46 Lisa Barry Premier Island Properties LLC  14,117,390 
47 Bob Myers Kona Resort Properties  13,533,450 
48 Glenn M. Takase Coldwell Banker Day-Lum Properties  12,737,500 
49 Pamela J. Deery Hawai‘i Life-Kohala Coast  12,637,480 

This home and 7.45-acre property in Kamuela on Hawai‘i Island sold last year for $18 million and was back on the market at press time for $23.9 million. Robert Chancer and Stephen Hurwitz of Mauna Kea Realty represented the seller last year and Hurwitz represented the buyer. | Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Davis



1 Bradley S. MacArthur Wailea Realty Corporation 129,654,827
2 David W.  Richardson Hawai‘i Life-Wailea  77,479,504 
3 Mary Anne Fitch Hawai‘i Life -Kapalua  76,520,050 
4 Eric Littlejohn Powerplay Destination Prop. HI  63,930,074 
5 Robert R. Myers Elite Pacific Properties LLC -Lahaina  56,453,500 
6 Raymond S.F. Chin Hawai‘i Life -Kapalua  52,634,070 
7 Dennis Rush Elite Pacific Properties LLC -Wailea  52,569,300 
8 Dano Sayles RE/MAX Lifestyle  51,606,657 
9 Susan P. Jackson Susan Jackson Real Estate  49,228,399 
10 Robert H. Dein Maui Real Estate Advisors LLC  47,471,500 
11 Josh Jerman Hawai‘i Life-Wailea  40,604,201 
12 Jordan K. Smith Keller Williams Realty Maui  39,806,467 
13 Tom Tezak Wailea Realty Corporation  39,487,216 
14 Mark Guagliardo Hawaii Real Estate Team  38,092,599 
15 Riette G. Jenkins Elite Pacific Properties LLC -Wailea  36,650,000 
16 Lisa M. Baptiste DR Horton-Schuler Homes LLC  36,167,276 
17 Geoffrey J. Cook Coldwell Banker Island Properties  35,548,971 
18 Gary J. Mooers Coldwell Banker Island Properties  34,895,515 
19 Todd J. Hudson Keller Williams Realty Maui  33,543,334 
20 Meghan Clair Coldwell Banker Island Properties  32,606,776 
21 Clint Hansen Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC  32,218,750 
22 Lydia D. Pedro Wailea Realty Corporation  31,628,675 
23 Roger R. Pleski Wailea Realty Corporation  30,226,515 
24 Gregory J. Harbottle Kaanapali Luxury Living  29,400,000 
25 Wendy R. Peterson Island Sotheby’s International Realty-Upcountry  28,844,000 
26 Debbie Arakaki Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Lahaina  26,901,000 



No. 1 Statewide: Neal Norman of Kaua‘i

Neal Norman always ranks high on the annual Top 100 in Real Estate, but 2018 was an especially good 12 months for the No. 1 agent statewide on this year’s list.

“We had several properties (up for sale) that were beyond ‘special’ … and that does not always happen,” Norman says.

Based out of Hawai‘i Life’s Princeville office, he was involved in 34 transactions last year, including deals on seven parcels of vacant residential land.

He represented both the buyer and seller in 2018’s most expensive purchase, valued at just over $46 million. The estate is on Kaua‘i’s north shore, and includes a working farm, private beach access and “expansive” mountain views.

He also credits his uptick in sales to an increased interest in the “easy Hawai‘i travel experience,” which attracts luxury buyers to “one-of-a-kind” properties on Kaua‘i.



1 Neal A. Norman Hawai‘i Life -Princeville 303,223,000
2 Suzanne M. Harding Kukui’ula Realty Group LLC  107,021,500 
3 Yvonne Summerfield RE/MAX Kauai Living  56,544,386 
4 Danette K. Andrews Oceanfront Sotheby’s International Realty  53,438,500 
5 Ben M. Welborn Hawai‘i Life -Princeville  46,207,800 
6 Keith Marlow Hokuala Realty  45,078,500 
7 Hannah Sirois Elite Pacific Properties LLC -Koloa  44,411,153 
8 Daniel C. Schmidt Island Paradise Properties LLC  42,079,425 
9 Rohn R. Boyd eXp Realty  37,635,000 
10 Billy Eckert Hawai‘i Life -Princeville  28,418,000 
11 Amy Frazier Hawai‘i Life -Princeville  26,719,500 
12 Mark Goodman Oceanfront Sotheby’s International Realty  26,638,350 
13 Michael R. Schmidt Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty Inc.  26,540,000 
14 Clayton Hurd KW Kauai  25,860,232 
15 Brenda S. Crawford Coldwell Banker Makai Properties  22,220,438 
16 Sean Ahearn Elite Pacific Properties LLC -Princeville  21,132,395 
17 Thomas (Tom) Austin Hawai‘i Life -Princeville  20,358,000 
18 Julie A. Black Kauai Dreams Realty  19,367,600 
19 Kymry A. Perez RE/MAX Kauai Living – Poipu  19,180,361 
20 Kit Parsons DR Horton-Schuler Homes LLC  19,172,809 
21 James (Jim) Karlovsky Elite Pacific Properties LLC-Princeville  18,685,000 
22 Ronnie Margolis eXp Realty  16,802,250 
23 Lynda Gill RE/MAX Kauai Living – Poipu  16,780,771 
24 Dana Temme Oceanfront Sotheby’s International Realty  15,903,000 
25 Jimmy Johnson RE/MAX Kauai – Kapaa  15,069,330 
$10.9  billion
Total value of 2018’s qualifying residential real estate sales
on the Neighbor Islands, involving 2,341 agents
Top 100 agents’ share of the sales total
Total transactions
Top 100’s share of all transactions



Editor’s Note

Our original plan this year was to split the Top 100 into three lists: Top 25 lists for both Kauai and Maui and a Top 50 list for Hawai‘i Island. After compiling the lists and notifying all the winning agents, we recognized late in the process that one agent with sales on all three islands had the most sales on Maui, so we moved him from the Hawai‘i Island list to the Maui list. Hence the odd numbering: a Top 26 list for Maui and a Top 49 list for Hawai‘i Island.



Here is the methodology that Hawaii Business Magazine uses to compile the Top 100 in Real Estate.

For 12 years, the list has included sales data from across Hawai‘i. This year, for the first time, the Honolulu Board of Realtors declined to provide its sales data to Hawaii Business Magazine. As a result, the Top 100 in Real Estate this year includes only Realtors from the Neighbor Islands. We broke the Top 100 into three lists: the Top 25 on Kaua‘i, the Top 26 on Maui and the Top 49 on Hawai‘i Island.


Here are our Criteria:
  • Covered are sales that closed from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018.
  • Only MLS transactions in Hawai‘i are accepted.
  • Sales of single-family homes and condominiums are counted, and so are sales of residential vacant land.
  • Primary listers receive full credit for the transactions; co-listers do not receive credit.
  • Each side in a transaction – both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent – is credited with the full selling price of a home.
  • If the real estate agent represents both the seller and the buyer, that agent is credited with twice the selling price.

MLS is a dynamic platform that continuously changes as new information is entered into the system. That means the Top 100 in Real Estate is a snapshot of activity taken at the time the data is collected in January of each year. (It takes many months after that to evaluate the data.) Amendments made in MLS after Hawaii Business Magazine gathers the information in January are not reflected in the published lists.


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