February, 2016


Even as Hawaii’s poorest residents struggle to feed their families, more than a quarter of the food produced and imported here gets thrown away, according to UH economists

We may buy that clamshell of beautiful, ripe strawberries with the best of intentions – pancakes! cobbler! fruit salad! – but when the end of the week comes and they’re getting soft and fuzzy in the back of the produce drawer, we’re likely to throw them in the trash. Multiply that process by several thousand households, Read the full article…

February, 2016

Ask the Expert with Andrea Lum: Cause Marketing

Andrea Lum, Director, Bennet Group Strategic Communications

I’m hearing a lot of buzz about cause marketing. How do I get my small business started on it? Cause marketing aligns a brand with a cause in the community, such as sustainability, helping children or homelessness. When executed strategically, cause marketing can have a measurable impact on the business, cause and customers – building Read the full article…

February, 2016

The Careerist: The Office Germfest

My office is like a germ factory at this time of year! Why won’t people take a darn sick day? It’s pretty gross, isn’t it? The hacking, sneezing and nose blowing. You can sense the pathogens winging your way on a cloud of Vicks VapoRub, eager to infect you. Short of wearing a HazMat suit, Read the full article…

February, 2016

Editor’s Note: They Is

You probably missed this big news: The word of the year for 2015 is the singular “they,” according to the American Dialect Society. Excuse my hyperbole, but your reaction to this grammatical insurgency likely reveals how well you will cope with life in the 21st century. Whether writing or speaking, most people use the singular Read the full article…

February, 2016

What’s It Worth: Will Work for Food

It’s an economical and eco-friendly way to eliminate overgrowth on land, and the workers are cute and quiet. Chris Wilcox, then a boat captain for a fish-farming operation on Hawaii Island, switched gears in 2013 and started Big Island Goat Dozers, which uses goats to clear land for homeowners and homeowner associations. It takes three Read the full article…

February, 2016

All Work and No Job

Welcome to Hawaii’s Gig Economy, where companies increasingly use independent contractors for temporary projects, or “gigs,” rather than hire employees. Many are white-collar or highly skilled workers who love the freedom of freelancing, while others long for the good old days of a secure job.

There are a million stories in the white-collar gig economy. Let me introduce you to one. Alison Chock has two jobs: One is in retail, where she works nights at a boutique. Her other job is more unpredictable. The work is seasonal – there’s more in fall than in spring – with each stint lasting Read the full article…