June, 2017

Hawaii Business Wins 8 National Awards

Hawaii Business has won eight national awards from the Alliance of Area Business Publications, including five first-place gold medals, one silver and two bronze. Hawaii Business was often competing in the same category against regional business magazines from much bigger markets, including Dallas and Florida (yes, the whole state of more than 20 million people). Read the full article…

June, 2017

The Careerist: Help! Gift Collectors Are After Me Again

Q: What’s with obligatory office gifts? I love my job, but it seems like I get a couple of emails every month “asking” me to donate money for the office gift for someone’s shower – bridal, baby or whatever. Often, I don’t even know these people! I try ignoring the message, but the office manager Read the full article…

June, 2017

My Job: EXTRA: Read All About Him!

Real estate agent’s other job is background actor for movies and TV shows. He’s great at blending in. NAME: Jerald Pang AGE: 56 JOB: Nonunion background actor (extra) and full-time real estate agent START: In the summer of 2013, Pang joined thousands sweltering in long lines for a chance to be an extra on the Read the full article…

June, 2017

5 Steps to a Lasting Legacy

A charitable gift annuity provides a meaningful gift to charity while improving your financial situation in two ways for the rest of your life: a steady stream of income and tax benefits. More important, you create a lasting legacy in your community. Curtis Saiki, VP of philanthropy and general counsel for the Hawaii Community Foundation, Read the full article…

June, 2017

Local-Kine Biz: Family Cycle

Montgomery Motors started 72 years ago with granddad doing motorcycle repairs in the family living room.

The Montgomery family has been in the motorcycle sales and repair business for more than 70 years. “It all started in the living room of my grandparents’ house in Pearl Harbor housing, back in 1945,” says Ross Montgomery, VP of Montgomery Motors Ltd. “My grandfather would pull motorcycles into the house in the evenings after Read the full article…

June, 2017

Welcome to the Real World

Hawaii educators know student assessments need to change. Standardized tests are easy to administer, but they don’t prepare children for jobs and lives in which critical thinking, innovation and problem-solving are essential.

Today’s assessments aren’t just limited to bubble tests. There’s also “authentic assessments,” which require deeper, more innovative thinking from students. At Hakipuu Learning Center, authentic assessments take shape in the form of senior projects where each senior picks a topic, spends the year researching it, and defends what they’ve learned in front of the community. Read the full article…