September, 2016

The Quest for a Sweet Solution

A yearly quest that every office manager and business owner faces each holiday season

The Annual Corporate Gift Conundrum As we enter the fourth quarter, Hawaii Business, along with others in the business community will engage in the holiday season. Tidings of budget projections; strategic planning for the upcoming year; organizing the workload according to staff vacations; and overall preparations for the foreseeable future are enough to keep any Read the full article…

September, 2016

Hawaii’s Top 250 2016

A Guide to Hawaii’s Biggest Companies and Nonprofits

A NEW No. 1 HMSA is back on top and will likely hold first place for the foreseeable future. Hawaii Medical Service Association has dethroned Hawaiian Electric Industries as No. 1 on the Top 250. HMSA had been No. 1 once before – based on its 2009 gross sales – but HEI had been at the Read the full article…

September, 2016

Breaking Up is Hard to Do (In Love & Business)

Does one of your business relationships have you singing the blues? Here’s how to end things without ending up in Heartbreak Hotel.

Charletta Wilson was 18 months into a lucrative consulting contract when she realized the firm that had hired her was engaged in unethical accounting practices. She didn’t like it, but wasn’t sure what to do. Could she really walk away from such an important client? “You go through a rationalization process,” says Wilson, of Capeesh Read the full article…

September, 2016

Many Remain Unemployed Despite Lots of Job Openings

On a typical day, there are more than 2,000 Oahu job listings on Craigslist. So why are there tens of thousands of people in Hawaii who want to work but don’t even have a part-time job? Here’s why and what we can do to help them get back to work.

Samson Akiona is a 36-year-old single father living in Waianae, raising two young children, and doing it without a paying job. Instead, he and his family survive each month on a $400 welfare payment, $600 in food stamps, now called SNAP benefits, and a Social Security disability check of $600 for one of his sons. Read the full article…

September, 2016

A Private Tour of Hawaii at Your Fingertips

Phone app guides visitors along Hawaii’s scenic drives

ORIGINS: Husband and wife Andrew and Rita Fowers first met 11 years ago at Brigham Young University Hawaii in Laie, where their location inspired a company. “When I was a senior in college on the North Shore,” says Andrew Fowers, “I would see tour buses drive by. I would also see these tourists driving right Read the full article…

September, 2016

Giving Forests New Life

Sheri Mann, Forester and Kauai Island district manager works with the State to conserve nature’s wonders. NAME: Sheri Mann AGE: 48 JOB: Forester and Kauai Island district manager, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, state Department of Land and Natural Resources START: Mann was born in South Carolina, but raised in Tennessee. She joined the Peace Read the full article…