January, 2017

The Careerist: Are We Never Ever Getting Back Together?

Q: I’m a freelance graphic arts designer who is completely baffled. One of my best clients has gone radio silent, ghosting me without even so much as a “I’m just not that into you.” I’ve done all the standard stuff – follow-up calls and emails – and nada. They’ve always loved my work, paid me Read the full article…

January, 2017

Meticulously Whimsical

Local designer Jana Lam wins Pitch Panel at Honolulu Fashion Week

It’s hard to tell if it was her business model or her impressive multimedia presentation that won Jana Lam the second annual Pitch Panel at Honolulu Fashion Week. Whatever did it, she received an impressive package of business services, advertising and other resources and opportunities that will help take her “meticulously whimsical” prints to the Read the full article…

January, 2017

Not Your Father’s Stock

Alpaca are being raised on Hawaii Island for their fleece; their “tea” provides an intriguing side product

Three Big Island breeders have welcomed 14 new alpacas to their pastures, part of what they say is a small but growing market in the state for the South American animals that resemble miniature llamas. “Especially in the past year, there’s been a significant increase in interest in buying alpaca stock,” says Jennifer Brundage, a Read the full article…

January, 2017

Maui Business Report 2017

A Publication of the Maui Economic Development Board

The annual Maui Business Report shares insights into the progress of the island’s business and economy. With the recent termination of sugar production, the community must look to the future. A new wave of entrepreneurs are on the rise and may forge a path to prosperity in the valley isle.

January, 2017

Game On

Local startup creates the global go-to site for Pokemon Go

In the virtual world of apps and video games, a locally founded startup called GamePress has created a global gathering place. GamePress’ site, pokemongo.gamepress.gg, drew a staggering 20 million unique visitors in July when the popular GPS-based mobile game was released. “The typical traffic for a very popular site would be 4 to 5 million Read the full article…

January, 2017

Re-Birth on Rice Street

Lihue’s storied Rice Street district has gone from boom to bust, but a public-private renaissance aims to create an urban core in which to live, work, visit, shop, walk and play.

The best days passed decades ago for downtown Lihue. Today, sidewalks are narrow, cracked and littered. Parks, lawns and benches are hangouts for the homeless. Once a proud gathering place, Rice Street is now little more than a thoroughfare for motorists en route to someplace else. There’s pretty much nothing to do,” says Jade Nguyen, Read the full article…