Natural Environment: Saving an Essential Part of Hawaii

Hawaii as we know it is at risk from climate change, eroding beaches, marine debris and many other threats. Here are five stories on how we can prepare for the present and the future, and what individuals, businesses, nonprofits and governments are doing to protect our natural environment.

Like three previous CHANGE Reports and two still to come, this report on Hawaii’s natural environment focuses on important problems and possible solutions. It does not cover every major environmental challenge.

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The six CHANGE Reports from Hawaii Business Magazine are based on a framework created by the Hawaii Community Foundation and adopted by the Hawaii CHANGE Initiative. “The CHANGE framework acknowledges the interconnected nature of community issues and zeroes in on six essential areas that constitute the overall well-being of these islands and people,” HCF says.

“By examining critical community indicators by sector, we can identify gaps where help is specifically needed and opportunities where help will do the most good.”

CHANGE stands for:

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Disclosure: Hawaii Business got support from the aio Foundation, HCF and other organizations, and input from many people, but no one outside the Hawaii Business editorial team had any control over the content of these reports.  —Steve Petranik



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