Top Industry Leaders In Real Estate 2020

Hawaii Business Magazine identified the leading real estate companies and invited them to submit their Top Performers for 2020.

Q&A With CrossCountry Mortgage

Q: What should a homebuyer or homeowner look for in a lender?

A: Work with someone who gives you a good feeling as an experienced, trustworthy professional. It’s easy to find an entirely online mortgage process these days. At CrossCountry Mortgage, we believe buying a home is both an incredibly significant and personal purchase that often, if not always, requires knowledge and guidance. We offer our clients the important balance of technology and the human element so they can have the best possible mortgage experience.

Q: How can someone get the best rate?

A: The ideal approach is to make a game plan. CrossCountry Mortgage can help you execute that plan by having all of your application information in hand before you decide to buy or refinance. When mortgage rates change favorably for you, we can get you pre-approved for financing, monitor the markets and contact you right away so you can seize the moment and get the rate you want on the loan you want.

Q: What are your customers saying about CrossCountry Mortgage?

A: “Roland successfully helped me refinance two of my mortgages. He is dedicated, dependable, diligent, and always willing to assist me at any given moment. I know he is definitely someone you can count on to get the job done!” – Zachary

“I was needing a mortgage broker to buy out my partner’s portion of our condo. It needed to be done in a timely manner and yet I wanted the lowest mortgage rate that could be found. Roland Shar did not disappoint. I was able to get a mortgage quickly and at a rate that is still lower than the going rate available today.” – Patty

“Roland Shar is someone I know I can depend on. He has come through for me in every situation across my 20 years of home buying and refinancing. He’ll always be my go-to guy.” – Brian

From top left: Roland Shar: Regional Producing Manager 316270, Rick Yniguez: Loan Officer 1823240, Francisco Agcaoili: Loan Officer 1548782, Hamo Alualu: Loan Officer 941106, Jana Baniaga: Loan Officer 1770430, Shari Shim: Loan Officer 386147, Derek Graber: Loan Officer 1064034, Lisa Sapolu: Senior VP of Hawaii Lending/ Outside Loan Originator 916216

Our Team

The biggest purchase of your life deserves the attention of the best mortgage professionals. Our licensed loan officers bring decades of proven performance and integrity to the table, plus the experience and knowledge to ensure an easy, streamlined transaction.

Our sole focus is to help you achieve your homeownership goals and keep you informed throughout the process.

3555 Harding Avenue, Suite 100
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 451-3532




House of Finance, Inc.

House of Finance, Inc. offers an experience that stands apart from the traditional—and often stressful—home buying and mortgage process. At the company’s headquarters, family photos adorn the walls and desk tops, pot luck lunches are accompanied by conversation, and a sense of familiarity greets clients, hardly the ambiance expected from one of the top mortgage lenders in Hawai‘i. While stepping into House of Finance feels like being welcomed into a family member’s home for Sunday dinner, the experienced staff consistently demonstrates an unparalleled mastery in mortgage lending. The company’s success is clear as it celebrates 25 years of helping families reach their dreams of home ownership.

“At the heart of its operations, House of Finance is family-run; Matthew Casamina, Roland Casamina and Clarice Casamina”

Because the staff specializes in mortgage loans exclusively, they are trained to anticipate roadblocks or challenges, to keep clients’ concerns at bay, and to focus on the excitement of home buying.  Working with the House of Finance feels like working with family instead of a daunting corporate bank. 

House of Finance is family and community centric—their role is to help families buy homes. As a Farrington High School alum & distinguished Hall of Honor alumni of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Shidler College of Business, House of Finance founder and CEO, Roland Casamina, consistently gives back to the community.  He established The Roland Casamina and House of Finance, Inc. Endowed Scholarship at Shidler College of Business to provide tuition support for undergraduate business students with leadership potential and a passion for community service. Casamina was instrumental in founding the Filipino Community Center and currently serves as President Emeritus.

“The founders, Roland and Evelyn Casamina, alongside Matthew, Clarice and the first two hires of the company, Vice President of Operations, Marsha Kamana’o and Chief Technology/Finance Officer, Rico Gomez.”

The lean and efficient team at House of Finance avoids excess overhead and passes the cost-savings to clients. With one branch and 13 employees, House of Finance, Inc. demonstrates an expertise in efficiency, out-funding many mid-sized banks with over a dozen branches and hundreds of employees. House of Finance is a family-run operation: Roland Casamina serves as CEO and President, his wife, Evelyn Casamina, is the co-owner, his son, Matthew Casamina, COO, and his daughter, Clarice Casamina, is Vice President. Employees are just like extended family.

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Over the years, many clients return for the same two reasons: the ease in navigating what is traditionally an overwhelming process and the expertise and efficiency the House of Finance team delivers to each customer.  When reflecting on 25 years in business in Hawaii, the House of Finance Family thanks their extended family– the dedicated staff and Hawaii’s families for putting their trust in the House of Finance team. 

2300 N. King St., Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 847-8493 |


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