Author: Cassie Ordonio

Plastics Ban: What’s Next

Local restaurants are seeking alternatives and worried about the costs, customer experiences and other challenges just as Oʻahu's new law restricting single-use plastics has business owners scrambling to comply.

Saving Discarded Food to Fight Hunger

Goodr: Startup profile No. 5 covering Elemental Excelerator’s latest cohort. Every year, an estimated 72 billion pounds of edible food ends up in landfills – and Goodr wants to rescue as much of it as it can to feed people…

Order Food Direct from O‘ahu Farmers

Farm Link Hawai‘i: Startup profile No. 2 covering Elemental Excelerator’s latest cohort. Farm Link Hawai‘i lets stores, restaurants and consumers connect to farmers on O‘ahu, order food and then have it delivered. Farm Link founder Rob…