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Addressing the Workforce Housing Crisis
In 2018, the housing shortage in Hawaii will continue to be an enormous issue affecting residents, especially our local workforce. With no subsidies to build housing to serve this group, they’re left locked out of the housing market by skyrocketing housing costs and the massive down payments required to buy a home. Rental options would be ideal for this group but, with added operational costs inhibiting development, very few rental housing projects have been built since statehood.

To change the economics and make rental housing construction projects pencil out, the Hawaii Rental Housing Coalition has brought together leaders from every sector that touches housing, from unions to contractors, utilities to banks, non-profits to government. With everybody agreeing to make a sacrifice, the Coalition created a program to make rental projects feasible and start to close the workforce housing gap. PRP is proud to support their efforts. To learn more, please see the workforce housing edition of Insights at

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