Got an Unusual or Especially Interesting Job? We Want to Hear About It

We’re looking for more careers to feature in our “My Job” series.
Keanu Santana's love of water led him to a job as a waterslide tester at Wet'n'Wild Hawaii. He's now the director of operations. | Photo: Aaron Yoshino

Most people understand what accountants and lawyers do. But do you know what lesser-known jobs – like criminal sketch artists, surfboard shapers and computer network operations managers – entail?

Hawaii Business Magazine started its “My Job” series about 10 years ago to provide insight into the many jobs that exist in the Islands. We ask people to tell us their stories about how they got into their careers, what it takes to do their jobs, misconceptions the public has about their roles and the challenges they’ve faced.

Over the years we’ve spoken with a clinical and forensic psychologist, a stilt walker, a party character actor, an unexploded ordnance technician team leader, a water slide tester, a private investigator and others.

This series is written not for the people in those fields, but rather for the rest of us who may be considering a career change, or just want to know more about the adventurous, creative and sometimes offbeat ways that people make a living in the Islands.

The questionnaire should take you about five minutes. You can also email staff writer Noelle Fujii-Oride with any questions at

We will be publishing “My Job” stories in upcoming issues of Hawaii Business Magazine and will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis.

  • We want to hear engaging stories about the work you do, how you got started and the challenges you’ve faced in your current role.


Thank you for sharing with us!

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