Our Green Future

The Energy Conservation & Efficiency Pyramid

OK, you’re sold on the whole sustainability spiel. You’re all set to start restructuring your lifestyle and habits that will pave the way toward a greener, brighter future for the generations of your family to come. You’re ready to get a move on some savings by cutting down on your expensive (and ever-growing) energy bills. You can’t wait to score some rebates and take advantage of those incentives on hawaiienergy.com.

So, where do you start?

Take a cue from the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Pyramid, the easiest way to get your home or business on track with bite-sized steps. Here’s how:

1. Firstly, conserve. Sometimes, the smartest moves are the simplest ones. The math is clear: less electricity means less energy, so cut out those phantom loads, turn off lights when you leave rooms, and use smart power strips.

2. Secondly, maximize. Why not make the most of what you do use with small adjustments to keep your energy usage as efficient as possible? Update office appliances and equipment or switch out your lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Take advantage of our expertise: Reach out to Hawaii Energy for a business assessment or audit. We’ll show you ways to upgrade your infrastructure to save energy and money.   

3. Finally, create. Once you’re ready to really make big changes, consider renewable energy like PV. By maximizing efficiency first you won’t need to produce as much energy.

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