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Preserving the Past

Greg Schredder is reviving a classic Hawaiian brand and hopes to turn it into a 100 percent local product. The Kauai entrepreneur was searching for a manufacturing site for his startup, Koloa Rum Co., when he learned that Hawaiian Fruit…

Ask SmallBiz: Dividing Family Stock

Q. What should the owners of a family business consider when dividing shares of stock among their children? I have been told never to give two children equal shares. -Monica Toguchi,
VP, Administration and
 Planning, Highway Inn Inc. A. You’re right,…

Local Life Lessons

A little book has important advice for some of the Islands' big-business leaders Growing up, Wesley Park aspired to be ordinary. He ended up being extraordinary. When he was 4 years old, Park was stricken with polio. The debilitating disease…

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