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Our Kakaako: Connecting People and Place

Dena R. Tomlinson, Contributing Editor | Liz Barney & Cheryl Tsutsumi, Contributing Writers

Contents Letters Services Food Retail Development         Kakaako: The People’s Place Kakaako has lived many lives. Before grey industrial complexes squared the streets there were families and communities—diverse immigrant camps sharing culture, food and stories—and, even before then, there were fishing villages, salt ponds and the ancient beauty of an unburdened night Read the full article…


LocalKineBiz: Guiding Companies’ Decision- Making

by Jordan Virtue

When General Motors wanted to learn what car models would sell in the Chinese market, they turned to the Honolulu-based OmniTrak Group to get inside consumers’ minds. The insight OmniTrak provided, dubbed “The Goldilocks Strategy,” helped the North American automaker write a Chinese success story. This is just one example of the research company’s impressive Read the full article…


8 Fat Fat 8

by Laurel Dudley | photo by Aaron K. Yoshino

When Sai Yeung opened his bar and grill over 30 years ago, he wanted a lucky name. His choice was 8 Fat Fat 8 and the lucky name seems to have worked, as the restaurant has been in the same building ever since. You’ve surely noticed it as you’ve driven by on South Beretania Street: Read the full article…


Hawaii On the Hill

Dennis Hollier, Washington Correspondent

It makes sense for the leaders of local small businesses and county governments to fly 4,800 miles every year to visit a hill. That’s because when you are on Capitol Hill, there are opportunities all around you. “As of today,” says Kauai mayor Bernard Carvalho, his voice reaching a crescendo, “I can announce that the Read the full article…