The Hawaii News Now Sunrise team. Photo courtesy of Hawaii News Now.

Talk Story: Rick Blangiardi & Scott Humber

Beverly Creamer

Hawaii news now General Manager Rick Blangiardi and News Director Scott Humber are the leaders of local TV’s most watched news stations, but they also operate the state’s most popular digital news platform. Blangiardi says that, on a busy news week, HNN digital platforms, including desktop website, mobile website (WAP) and News App, get more Read the full article…

Photo provided by Mid-Pacific Institute, Photographer Scot Allen.

Welcome to the Real World

Noelle Fujii

Today’s assessments aren’t just limited to bubble tests. There’s also “authentic assessments,” which require deeper, more innovative thinking from students. At Hakipuu Learning Center, authentic assessments take shape in the form of senior projects where each senior picks a topic, spends the year researching it, and defends what they’ve learned in front of the community. Read the full article…

Education , Innovation , June 2017
June, 2017

5 Things to Know About Developing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Noelle Fujii

Figuring out how to share your brand’s message and the right audience to share it with is becoming more difficult in today’s noisy world. After all, businesses now compete for attention with information that’s available through phones, the Internet and social media. “I think that a big part of what we’re going to see over Read the full article…