The 20 for the Next 20 2017 Cohort. Photo by Travis K. Okimoto.

Hawaii Business Celebrates Dynamic Group of Emerging Leaders

Noelle Fujii

Hanau ka aina, hanau ke alii, hanau ke kanaka. Born is the land, born were the chiefs, born were the people. That’s the Hawaiian proverb that guided Wednesday night’s celebration of Hawaii Business’ “20 For the Next 20” class of 2017. The proverb’s translation, according to Hawaii Business’ digital media director, Daniel Ito, means the Read the full article…


The Best of Startup Paradise 2017

Dave Dondoneau

Startup Paradise Is Good for All of Us. Everyone in Hawaii can and should be  an advocate and champion for Startup Paradise, because we all benefit from a vibrant startup culture, says Meli James, president of the Hawaii Venture Capital Association. One benefit is a startup culture helps keep young kamaaina in the Islands and Read the full article…

Photo by David Croxford

Virtually There

Tiffany Hill

Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers bought a new camera in July. Nothing special in that; Realtors have long used pictures to entice prospective buyers to visit houses for sale. But this purchase was special: a $4,500 Matterport Pro 3D, an automated, high dynamic range camera that creates virtual reality tours of homes, inside and out. Read the full article…

Photography by David Croxford

The Future of Farming

Lianne Yu

Imagine a world in which robots, drones and artificial intelligence plant, monitor, harvest, and deliver your food. This may sound like science fiction, but it is, in fact, the emerging reality in farming. “We’re seeing robots that can plant, water and seed a 10-by-10 plot, pick strawberries and shake mac nut trees. There are infrared Read the full article…

A scene from one of their latest commercials. Courtesy of HEMIC

HEMIC’s Gamechanger

Tiffany Hill

HEMIC helped transform Hawaii’s workers’ comp system.  Today, it puts safety first for its clients, who are also its owners. Jason Yoshimi remembers starting work 20 years ago for the newly founded Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Co., better known as HEMIC. It had only about six employees then and the company was renting a cramped Read the full article…

Photo: Thinkstock

New Way to Book Tours in Hawaii

Meghan Miner Murray

ORIGIN: Like many origin stories, Activiter’s started in Vegas. Stuck on the Strip in the heat of the day, the company’s co-founders – Rob Lafontaine and Ikaika Sheehan – decided to see a show (mostly for the air conditioning) and waited in a discount line for tickets. “Twenty minutes later, it had hardly moved,” says Lafontaine. They Read the full article…