Editor’s Note: What If?

Steve Petranik

If you are a fan of alternate realities and parallel universes, welcome to one of our annual discussions: Who should be CEO of the Year? Each fall, when the editorial team at Hawaii Business considers candidates, we look for outstanding leaders who have contributed immensely to Hawaii’s economy for many years. We ask: Would this Read the full article…

December 2016 , Editor's Note
December, 2016

Editor’s Note: What We All Want

Steve Petranik

“What Do Women Want?” was a condescending question often asked (and answered) by men when I was young. It is also a question Gallup set out to answer in a report called “Women in America: Work and Life Well-Lived,” based on surveys of more than 323,500 American adults. I had the privilege of hearing Gallup Read the full article…

Editor's Note , November 2016
November, 2016

From the Editor: Aloha Dennis

Steve Petranik

If you read Hawaii Business regularly, you know Dennis Hollier writes engaging stories about complex subjects, such as energy, construction, leadership and farming. He does the opposite of dumbing down; what should I call it, “understanding up”? In his articles, he captures both the big picture and the important nuances of issues. Rather than being Read the full article…

Editor's Note , October 2016
October, 2016

A Tale of Two Hawaiis

Gina Gelber

September and October are big months for parents with children in preschool. That’s when many embark on one of Hawaii’s most nerve-racking academic processes: applying to kindergarten. I am a graduate of the public school system in New York and the mother of a 4-year old, so this is new territory for me. As I Read the full article…

Editor's Note , Education , September 2016
September, 2016