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Hawaii Business wants you to have a quick read of the top local news stories every weekday morning. That’s why we are launching Hawaii’s most useful newsletter on Tuesday, March 28. Each weekday, “Hawaii Top News” newsletter will give you: Summaries of the main statewide stories, compiled from all of the state’s leading news media, Read the full article…


Editor’s Note: Success, Failure, Joy and Health

Steve Petranik

A major quandary faced by journalists is balancing our opposing responsibilities to expose and to celebrate. Society expects journalists to report on injustice, inefficiency, corruption and other problems, and when we don’t, the news media are rightly derided for the failure. But we are also obliged to celebrate successes and solutions, otherwise we distort reality Read the full article…

Editor's Note
March, 2017

Editor’s Note: What If?

Steve Petranik

If you are a fan of alternate realities and parallel universes, welcome to one of our annual discussions: Who should be CEO of the Year? Each fall, when the editorial team at Hawaii Business considers candidates, we look for outstanding leaders who have contributed immensely to Hawaii’s economy for many years. We ask: Would this Read the full article…

December 2016 , Editor's Note
December, 2016