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We choose in-depth stories to report based on how important we think the topics are to our readers – not on how many clicks or likes they will get. But it is gratifying when these important stories get a lot of readers.

Staff Writer and Engagement Editor Noelle Fujii-Oride spent three months researching and writing her 26-page report on Honolulu rail published in the November 2021 issue. Not surprisingly, it has had more page views by far than anything else we have published over the past 12 months.Year In Review 2022 Rail

Here are the top 20 stories that were posted to hawaiibusiness.com between Nov. 1, 2021, and Oct. 31, 2022, ranked by page views. Several stories were first released in Hawai‘i Real Estate News, a free weekly email newsletter that we launched in January 2022. (Subscribe at tinyurl.com/HRENsignup.)

1. How Rail Got to $12.45 Billion and 11 Years Late

2. Hawai‘i’s Best Places to Work 2022

3. Affordable Walk-up Apartments Are Coming Back, Thanks to Honolulu’s Bill 7

4. Only in Hawai‘i: You Own the Home But Not the Land

5. The Downtown Honolulu Parking Guide is BackYear In Review 2022 Rising Ocean

6. How Will Urban Honolulu Deal With the Rising Ocean?

7. Latest Vacation Rental Battle Is Over – Stand By for Any Impact

8. Hawai‘i’s Top 250 Companies

9. Local Designer Features Modern Alohawear for Young Generations

10. One in Seven Hawai‘i Homes Is Vacant, Report Says

11. Here’s How Affordable Housing Policies Have Impacted Hawai‘i’s Housing SupplyYear In Review 2022 Affordable Housing

12. 5 Steps to a Successful Job Interview

13. Soaring Assessments Mean Higher Property Taxes Starting in August

14. Hawai‘i’s Most Charitable Companies 2021

15. Hawai‘i Pacific Health’s Ray Vara is 2021 CEO of the Year

16. Hawai‘i’s Building Permit Delays Top the Nation, Study Shows

17. What’s Next for Hawaiian Airlines: Restoring Flights and Adding New Ones

18. Here’s Which Ethnic Groups Make the Most Money in Hawai‘i

19. Low Inventory May Push Local Real Estate Prices Even Higher

20. Passing the Torch at the Weinberg Foundation

Year In Review 2022 Top 250


Social Media

Our top posts this year on social media platforms were mostly about honorees selected for our 20 for the Next 20 program that profiles emerging leaders in Hawai‘i.

Kevin MatsunagaFacebook: 20 for the Next 20 profile of Kevin Matsunaga, a teacher at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School on Kaua‘i: 7,144 impressions.Kealoha FoxTwitter: 20 for the Next 20 profile of Kealoha Fox, whose many roles include social health integration at AlohaCare: 8,994 impressions.

Greg YoungLinkedIn: 20 for the Next 20 profile of Greg Young, president and CEO of HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union: 13,061 impressions.

ImageInstagram: Item posted on August 24 announcing the Wahine Forum on Oct. 26-27 and listing some of the guest speakers: reach of 5,645.


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